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Door Handle Shields by YouShield

Protect your customers' health with chemical-free, disposable door-handle shields.

YouShield Protection allows customers and employees to shield their hands from contaminated door handles and surfaces.

Our revolutionary hygiene system create s a solid barrier. Enhance the image of your business differentiate from the competition and help prevent outbreaks of illness.

New research shows that just a single contaminated door handle can help spread germs and viruses throughout public facilities within hours.

We provide a cost effective solution that every business needs.

Target Markets Include : Food Service , Retail Trade Educational Services Public Health , Wellness and Government Facilities Industries

Benefits: - Enhance the Image of Your Business - Protect Your Customers and Employees - Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contamination - Prevent Outbreaks of Illness - Reduce Healthcare Costs - Increase Sales and Revenue - Reduce Waste of Paper Towels - Differentiate From Your Competitors

Features: - Durable Acrylic Dispenser Mounts next to Door - Quick and Easy Installation on Any Surface - 200 Paper Shields per Refill Carton - Sanitary Paper Shield Creates a Solid Barrier - Chemical-Free and Safe for Everyone to Use

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