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Here at TechWholesale, we've made a name for ourselves by providing the top business radios to our clients. However, we not only serve business clients but also individuals and families who want portable walkie talkie radios for personal use. Our large online inventory of radios and walkie talkies features many great options for your personal communication needs.

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Because we are a Kenwood ProTalk Dealer and a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer, you can trust us to stock only the finest portable walkie talkie devices on the market today. Not only that, but we can help you find the right radios for your specific requirements, whether that is a set of 4 walkie talkies from Motorola or individual radios from other manufacturers. We do not want to be merely a place where you can buy portable two way radios . Instead, we equip all of our customer service associates with the knowledge they need to help steer our customers in the right direction when it comes to two-way radios and accessories .

There is any number of reasons why you would want to buy walkie talkies. Set of 4 units can be distributed among you, your spouse, and your children on a camping trip to keep in touch while you scout for a campsite or go off to play in the woods. If you frequently take long road trips, portable walkie talkie sets can help you stay in touch without having to use precious cell phone minutes. Buy a quality walkie talkie set for individual use and it can even double as a professional radio.

As you are considering a set of 4 walkie talkies or other radios and accessories, you will want to stick with VHF radios if you are going to use them exclusively outside and UHF walkie talkie sets if they are for indoor or indoor-outdoor use. Beyond that, there are many other things to consider when it comes to our mobile two way radio selection and portable walkie talkies. We want to help you find the best walkie talkies, set of 4 devices included. Contact us today and we will help you find the best radio for your needs and not simply the walkie talkies that we want you to purchase.

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