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Two-way radios for veterinary clinics will improve your service so much, your satisfied clients will be happily barking (and meowing) for more. This high level of customer satisfaction will translate into greater profits and repeat business after just a few months of use.

Two-Way Radios for Veterinary Clinics Enhance Service
Veterinary clinics are bustling businesses that measure their success by the speed at which they can provide top-notch care for 4-legged family members and other beloved pets. They must respond quickly to customer and patient needs, which requires a well-connected and well-informed staff. Veterinary clinic walkie-talkies are the missing link in providing the best care and exceptional, personalized service.

How Veterinary Clinic Walkie-Talkies Can Help Communication
When someone brings in their dog or cat for medical care, the receptionist can use a veterinary clinic two-way radio system to notify staff that a new patient has arrived. They can also quickly find a doctor or technician that's treating a particular animal to relate important information provided by the owner. Supervisors can check on patient status, and technicians and notify supervisors when essential supplies are low. Two-way radios make it easy to contact staff members at a vet clinic when they might be away from their office, such as in an exam room, treatment room, surgery room, lab or even outside.

The Best Two-Way Radios for Veterinary Clinics
Tech Wholesale, as an Authorized Motorola Dealer, has the necessary expertise to know which of their radios is a perfect fit for your veterinary business. Considering the features of each model and the requirements of a customer-facing service, we recommend the Motorola CLP1040, Motorola CLS Series radios and the Motorola DLR1060 digital radio. These are all highly portable, lightweight and compact two-way radios with many attractive features and maximum compatibility with earpiece microphones for hands-free use.

The Motorola CLP1040 is the smallest and lightest Motorola radio we offer. At just 3.5 by 2 by .75 inches, it's easily and comfortably worn on the included belt clip. The CLP1040 also comes with an adjustable earpiece with inline push-to-talk microphone, so staff members who have their hands full attending to their animal patients can still stay in touch with the rest of the team. The 4 channels let you give administrative staff, cleaning staff and technicians their own department channels. The CLP radios can also be used with a repeater, if additional coverage is required. The Motorola CLS Series radios are slightly larger, with a slightly greater range than the CLP models. They're also lightweight, compact and they support VOX (voice activated transmission). These easy-to-use radios make it possible to get new employees up and running quickly and efficiently.

The Motorola DLR1060 digital radio gives you 6 channels plus the benefits of digital technology. This includes license-free communication and the ability to speak to a single individual in addition to broadcasting to a group. A digital radio has the power and range of a 4 or 5-watt UHF radio, but it uses only 1 watt of power.

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