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When customers drop their car off with a valet parking attendant, they expect prompt service. They don't want to be waiting around for even a moment.

That kind of efficiency can only be accomplished through excellent communication.

And excellent communication comes from the use of a quality two-way radio with a proven track record for valet parking services across the country. 

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to find a radio that meets the specific needs of your valet services. 

That’s why we set out to create this page — to provide the ultimate online resource for valet parking radios. 

In this guide, we’ve outlined four amazing radios, all of which have a stellar reputation in the valet parking industry. 

If you'd prefer personal advice, we'd be happy to work with you to find the radio that fits your needs and budget. Contact us via the live chat feature on our website, over the phone at 888-925-5982, or via our contact form

If you know which radio you want, click here to get a free, no obligation quote, tailor-made to your specific needs. 

What Features Do You Need in a Valet Parking Radio? 

When you run a valet parking service, you’re in charge of one of the largest purchases in a person’s life. There’s a lot of responsibility and trust that come along the second that person hands their keys to you. 

When the customer comes to get their car back, even a slight hesitation is enough to infuriate or terrify them. 

That’s why communication is so important. 

A no-name radio could fail at a critical moment and cause stress for your customers. The end result is unhappy customers, small or no tips for your workers, and little to no repeat business. 

That’s why we only carry quality name brand devices. Quality Motorola and Kenwood devices that have a history of success within the valet parking industry are the only radios that you should be trusting. 

But what makes a radio perfect for the valet industry? 

Here are the features you should be looking for in a valet parking radio:

  • Durable
  • Hands Free option
  • Message alerts
  • Proper range 
  • Antimicrobial coating to prevent the staff from spreading germs to one another or into your customers’ cars
  • Long battery life
  • Private communications that can’t be picked up by outside devices

What Are The Best Valet Parking Radios? 

Motorola DLR1060

The first radio that we recommend for valet parking companies is the Motorola DLR1060

This is a digital band radio, which is different from the more common UHF and VHF devices you’ve likely seen. What’s the main difference? Digital radios work well both inside and outside, much like a UHF device, but the true difference is actually financial. 

UHF and VHF radios are stuck paying annual FCC licensing fees to use the government’s frequencies. But a digital radio requires no such payment. You’re free of FCC license fees and you’ll save money year over year. 

The DLR1060 has six different channels to choose from when segmenting your staff. It’s also a very lightweight device, at just over four ounces.

When using the DLR1060, you’ve got an indoor range of 300,000 square feet with an outdoor range of up to two miles. Both of these are important as radios will have to be used in enclosed parking structures and outdoor lots. 

If you’re worried about your private communications remaining private, that’s not a concern with the DLR1060. Its Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology coupled with 10,000 privacy codes ensures that no outside devices are going to be able to pick up your messages. 

This device has a Page All and Call All Available feature in place, which comes in handy when you have an emergency situation. Let’s say that someone is struck by a driver’s vehicle or there is a car missing; you’ll be able to contact everyone all at once and issue orders.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s a Direct Call button which allows you to contact one valet driver with a specific task or issue. 

This radio has a 14-hour battery life thanks to the included lithium-ion battery. 

The casing of the DLR1060 is covered in an antimicrobial coating, which means you won’t spread germs throughout your team or within a customer’s vehicle.

This device also has military grade durability. It can be dropped in a parking lot and will keep on working.

If you’re interested in the Motorola DLR1060 for your valet parking company, contact Tech Wholesale directly for a free no obligation quote.

Motorola CLS1410

The Motorola CLS1410 is a UHF Radio that is a perfect addition to any valet team. 

You’re getting four stellar channels and a range of 15 floors inside and up to two miles outside. 

Audible Call Alerts and Vibracall work just like call alerts on a cell phone. When a message comes in, either the device will vibrate or issue a tone. This makes certain any waiting customers won’t hear staff communications. 

The simplified cloning for this device makes for a nice and easy setup. You only have to program one handset, which can then be easily copied onto every other device. 

There’s also a keypad lockout feature for added security. That means if a lost device is picked up by a random customer, they won’t be able to use it. 

The CLS1410 has some amazing battery life. One charge will get you up to 18 hours of use. That’s all because of the included li-ion battery that comes in every radio. 

As for privacy, this radio has an impressive arsenal of features, including 83 digital/38 analog private lines, 121 interference eliminator codes, and 56 business exclusive frequencies. 

If you’re looking for a reliable radio that will give you clear communications for your valet company, the Motorola CLS1410 comes with our highest recommendations. Contact us now for a free no obligation quote.

Motorola CLP1040

The Motorola CLP1040 is ideal for a valet company looking for a light and discreet two-way radio. 

It’s by far the smallest and lightest radio on this list, weighing only 2.38 ounces. The CLP1040 is a UHF device with four channels for effective staff segmentation.

As it pertains to range, you’ve got up to 10 floors inside with one mile outside. Of course, if that’s not enough, the device is also repeater capable. You can double its range. 

The CLP1040 comes with a discreet earpiece and belt holster. That means conversations can’t be heard by customers and it blends into a driver’s uniform with ease. 

The lithium-ion battery in this device comes with a 12-hour lifespan. 

It’s also super simple to use. Your drivers will have no issue operating the CLP1040, thanks to the large central PTT button. You’re even able to have hands free access while driving. 

Finally, the device is covered in an antimicrobial coating to curb the spread of germs. 

If you want the Motorola CLP1040 for your valet business, let us put together a customized free quote for you. Contact us today

Motorola RMU2040

If you’re looking for a highly durable device, something that isn’t going to shatter when one of your drivers drops it, we recommend the Motorola RMU2040.

It’s a UHF radio with four channels that allows for outdoor communications of up to two miles.

When inside, you have 20 floors or 250,000 square feet with which to talk. 

This device is made from some highly durable military grade hardware. It also includes antimicrobial properties to make for a cleaner and safer workplace. 

There are 219 privacy codes included that eliminate interference and crosstalk. The RMU2040 also uses 99 UHF frequencies that are exclusive to businesses, so you won’t have to worry about any hobbyists picking up on your communications. 

If you feel that the Motorola RMU2040 is the right device for your valet business, contact Tech Wholesale right away for a free no obligation quote

Which Valet Parking Radio Do You Need? 

The Best Radio For Large Parking Areas 

If you’re operating out of a massive parking lot or multi-level parking facility, we recommend the Motorola DLR1060

This device gives you a lot more range upfront, with up to two miles outside and 300,000 square feet inside. That makes it ideal for a large parking structure like one would find at a resort or casino

It’s also one of the most private radios out there, thanks to the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology and 10,000 elimination codes built in. 

Page All and Call All Available features are perfect for when you have to get one message out to everyone over a large distance. Likewise, the Direct Call button is going to help you get in touch with one specific employee who might be far out into the parking facility. 

Antimicrobial properties will also help to stop the spread of germs through your workforce. Additionally, this is a military grade device, meeting the Armed Forced standards for extreme shock, vibration, dust, and temperature.

The Most Discreet Valet Parking Radio

If you’re looking for a radio that will blend into a driver’s uniform, look no further than the Motorola CLP1040

It’s super small and lightweight at little more than two ounces, but great things come in small packages where this device is concerned. 

The CLP1040 comes with a discreet earpiece that will protect communications in front of customers. It also blends in perfectly with any uniform thanks to the included belt clip. 

This is a UHF device so it’s going to work in both indoor and outdoor parking areas. On top of that, it has antimicrobial properties built into the casing. 

The Most Durable Valet Parking Radio

No one wants a radio that’s going to break easily, that’s why we recommend the incredibly durable Motorola RMU2040 to valet parking companies. 

This is military grade hardware, so it can be dropped, shocked, or covered in dust and it will still work.

First off, it’s a UHF Radio, so it’s going to work both inside and out. When outdoors you’re going to have reliable communications for up to two miles. Inside you’ve got 20 floors or 250,000 square feet. 

The antimicrobial casing surrounds your military grade hardware and keeps it nice and sterile. 

There are 219 privacy codes to eliminate interference and crosstalk, so you can be sure you’re going to have crystal clear airwaves. 

If you want a radio that will not break easily, contact us now for a free personalized quote

Want to Learn More? 

Your valet parking team needs to function as effortlessly as the finest engine. That can only be accomplished through stellar communication using a two way radio to maximize productivity. 

The end result is happy customers who will tip more, no long queue lines, and better reviews for the establishment that is using your valet services. 

The four radios we’ve outlined here have served our valet parking customers well over the years. But, since every company is unique, it’s possible that none of these address your specific needs, and that’s ok. 

It just means we need to work a little harder to pair you with the perfect valet parking radio. 

We encourage you to contact the radio experts at Tech Wholesale with questions. Let us help you find an effective device that will maximize the efficiency of your valet services..

You can reach us by phone at 888-925-5982, by filling out our contact form, or using live chat. Our team of dedicated radio experts are waiting to assist you.

If you think that one of the radios we’ve highlighted on this page is a good fit for your business, we can put together a free personalized quote for you today. 

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