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Two-way radios for valet parking service companies keep your staff fast on their feet for outstanding customer service. You'll see in a few short months how a small investment can send customer satisfaction and profits through the roof, leaving your competition in the dust.

Why Should You Use Valet Parking Two-Way Radios?
Your busy parking jockeys will be happy to tell you why it makes good business sense to use walkie-talkies for valet and parking services. Trying to keep the endless parade of customers dropping off their cars and people coming to pick up their cars smoothly running like a fine timepiece requires constant communication between parking attendants, cashiers and supervisors. Those parking cars need to know where to put which cars, and they need to be able to communicate to the front desk where cars are located for fast retrieval. After a customer pays, their car needs to be found and driven to the front quickly. Two-way radios for valet services are the only way this can be accomplished discreetly and effectively.

Discover the Best Two-Way Radios for Valet Parking Services
Since parking attendants are always on the move, they need a two-way radio that's extremely portable, lightweight and comfortable to wear and use. For physically demanding jobs, we recommend the Motorola CLP1040, CLS Series and Motorola DLR1060 two-way radios. Why? Because they're tiny, powerful and they can be easily worn as part of a uniform and operated in a hands-free mode with an earpiece and push-to-talk microphone. The CLP1040 even includes a belt clip and earpiece with microphone, so you don't need to order any accessories to get started. The DLR1060 gives you the benefits of digital radio technology, such as individual or group conversations, cell phone features and a strong, clear signal to the very edges of the coverage area.

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