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When it comes to effective communications in shoe stores, two-way radios are absolutely indispensable. You may already know this, and you might have heard about the superior performance and cost-effectiveness of Motorola business radios. Instead of buying from any online retailer, choose Tech Wholesale as your business communications partner. Why? Because we're an Authorized Motorola Dealer, and as such, we have the best selection, lowest prices and unsurpassed industry expertise. We'll help guide you to the best radios for your shoe store business and give you the support you need to get up-and-running quickly.

A busy shoe store must attend to the needs of their customers while keeping regularly apprised of their backroom stock. With multiple clerks, sales personnel, cashiers and other staff, it may become difficult to keep everyone on the same page. Not so with two-way radios for shoe stores! Contact the storeroom to have specific styles and sizes brought to the front without having to leave the customer, or get fast answers to phone queries with a communications system that can contact the entire team at once.

Since it is a client-facing business, shoe store radios must allow for discreet, secure communications. They must also be easy to use, lightweight and compact, so that new salespeople can be brought on board quickly and everyone can stay active while staying in constant contact with co-workers. For these reasons, our two-way radio experts recommend the following Motorola radio models: the CLS series, CLP series and DLR series.

For budget-conscious retailers, the Motorola CLS series radios have a lot to offer at highly affordable prices. Features include lightweight compact design, dedicated business frequencies for added security, interference elimination codes, front panel LCD display, hands-free operation and a range of up to 200,000 square feet outdoors and 15 floors indoors. These UHF radios, the CLS1110 and CLS1410, give you the option of a single channel or 4 channels. A step up from the CLS radio is the Motorola CLP two-way radio. These are similar to the CLS in that they are compact, lightweight and easy to use, but they come with a microphone and earpiece, and can be used with a repeater for additional range.

The Motorola DLR digital radios give you all the convenience of a cell phone, such as the ability to speak to people individually, with the pristine signal quality inherent in digital technology and contact-all capabilities of a two-way radio. Digital radios do not require an FCC license to operate, which makes them even more affordable.

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