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Enhance patient care with two-way radios for rehabilitation facilities. Exceptional care requires top-notch communication between healthcare professionals. If you've heard about the high performance and reliability of Motorola radios but aren't sure where to make your purchase, Tech Wholesale is an Authorized Motorola Dealer with tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Our expertise and unsurpassed customer service sets us apart, as do our everyday low prices.

A rehabilitation facility radio is essential for keeping healthcare practitioners and their staff fully informed about their patients, scheduling issues, medical equipment and supplies. Since rehabilitation personnel are very busy attending to patients, they're not always at a desk if they suddenly need to be reached to answer an important question. This is when small, compact and easy to use walkie-talkies are essential.

Our business radio experts have evaluated the needs of rehab facilities and have identified radio models that are most appropriate for this type of organization. They recommend Motorola DLR digital radios, CLS radios and CLP radios for the best features and performance for a rehabilitation facility.

All these Motorola two-way radios are small, lightweight and compact - a necessity for those who are very busy moving around and working with the public. Caregivers and their support staff need a radio that they can use in a hands-free mode, and they need it to be discreet and secure so that conversations with doctors and staff aren't overheard by patients. The Motorola CLP series radio, at just 2.38 ounces, is among the lightest of radios. These radios measure just 3.5 by 2.0 by .75 inches, and each radio includes a sleekly designed earpiece and microphone for private communications. CLP radios can also be used with a repeater to expand their signal range to as much as 20 floors indoors. There are single-channel and 4-channel models available. Motorola's CLS series two-way radios are also small and light. They are also extremely easy to use, with a front panel LCD display. This is a model that's ideal for facilities that have many staff members they need to train quickly.

For the latest in digital radio technology, there's the Motorola DLR radio. These sleekly designed walkie-talkies offer exceptional audio quality with zero static. They can be used like a cell phone for private conversations in addition to calling the entire team. Voice prompts make it easy to customize features and the DLR radio can be comfortably and discreetly worn on a uniform. They're also cost-effective, since they do not require an FCC license to operate.

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