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Two-way radios for recycling centers and metal centers help to coordinate efforts for more efficient recycling. From collecting and sorting materials to answering questions from the community, there are many services that must work together seamlessly for a successful operation. This is where a walkie-talkie system is invaluable. If you've heard about the advanced technology and reliability of Motorola two-way radios, you'll want to purchase them from an official Authorized Motorola Dealer like Tech Wholesale. We've provided tens of thousands of businesses with top-quality Motorola radios, low prices and outstanding customer service.

For recycling center radios and metal center walkie-talkies, we highly recommend these models - the Motorola DLR digital radios, the beefy RMU2040 UHF radio and the powerful and indestructible RDU series radios. They are all built tough for daily industrial use.

Digital two-way radios combine the convenience of cell phones, the capabilities of two-way radios and the pristine quality of digital audio. The Motorola DLR series radios allow you to speak to a single person or broadcast to a group. They offer an exceptional audio signal that stays clear and strong to the edge of the coverage area. With just 1 watt, these digital radios have the same range as a 4- or 5-watt radio. These radios offer many advanced features and they can be used without an FCC license.

Motorola's RMU2040 is a 4-channel, 2-watt two-way radio that offers hands-free communication, business frequencies, privacy codes and military-grade construction. Their RDU series radios are also built tough, resistant to dust, shock, vibration and high-powered jets of water. These can be used with a repeater and include a removable whip antenna. The RDU4160d has a backlit digital display.

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