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Keep drinks flowing and your customers happy with the best two-way radios for pubs. At a busy bar or pub, it's sometimes a challenge to make sure that your customers are all well-taken care of, and yet this is essential for a successful business. A pub radio system is the perfect way to keep your employees all on the same page as they give your customers exceptional service. You may be looking at Motorola radios, since this is a world-class communications company with many years of experience in reliable mobile communications. But which is the best model for your pub, and who should you buy it from? At Tech Wholesale, we're an Authorized Motorola Dealer, which means that we offer the lowest prices with the highest level of knowledge and expertise. Join tens of thousands of business owners and organizations that trust us as their communications partner.

There are many advantages of pub radios. Whether it's for a bartender to quickly call the storeroom for a bottle replenishing, a hostess checking to see what tables are ready or kitchen staff to notify wait staff that they've just run out of today's special, two-way radios keep employees connected without missing a step and without customers overhearing. These recommended radios for pub use are designed for discreet use, and are small and lightweight to be worn comfortably on a uniform and operated in a hands-free mode.

The Motorola CLS series radios are extremely easy to use, making them ideal for businesses that must regularly train new employees. These voice-activated hands-free radios feature a front panel LCD display and can cover up to 200,000 square feet outdoors and 15 floors indoors. When used with an earpiece and microphone, your workers can get answers to their questions immediately while staying fast on their feet. Motorola's CLP radios are also designed for inconspicuous use in a public-facing business. The CLP1010 and CLP1040 come with an earpiece and microphone for easy hands-free use. These models are compatible with a repeater, which can be used to extend the signal reach. The Motorola digital DLR series radios benefit from exceptional audio quality that's strong and static free to the very edge of its range. Speak to someone individually as well as to your team, and digital radios do not require an FCC license to operate.

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