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If you're looking for pizza parlor two-way radios to improve your service and boost your sales, Tech Wholesale can point you in the right direction! As a leading supplier of high performance, affordable radios for retail businesses, Fortune 500 companies and other organizations, we know what each business or organization requires and the best two-way radios to fit those needs. To provide your customers with the best service, your staff needs to be well-supported and informed, able to meet demands as they occur. We understand that two-way radios for pizza parlors must be easy to use and small enough to be discreetly worn on a uniform. We also know that with a busy operation, employees must be able to easily communicate while keeping their hands free to work and their attention firmly on the needs of the customer.

For a busy pizza parlor, walkie-talkie radios that meet these requirements include the Motorola DLR series, CLP series and CLS series radios. All three are very small, compact and lightweight, designed to be worn on a uniform and used discreetly with an earpiece and microphone. This lets your counter staff take customer orders and then relate those orders or get information directly from the kitchen without having to shout or leave their location. Pizza chefs can let supervisors know immediately when certain ingredients and supplies are running low, and supervisors can notify all personnel about important matters at once. Anyone with a question can query the entire team, without having to spend time asking around for information.

Motorola CLP radios such as the CLP1010 and CLP1040 are easy to use, have exclusive business frequencies for increased security and computer programming software that makes it easy to copy settings from one radio to another. They're lightweight and include an earpiece, microphone and belt clip, so your employees are all set to go. Also recommended are the Motorola CLS1110 and CLS1410. These compact radios are simple to operate making them ideal for pizza parlors with many new and seasonal employees. They feature a front panel LCD display, and offer 1 channel or 4 channels.

For pizza parlors that want the convenience of a cell phone for private replies along with the exceptional static-free audio quality of digital technology, there's the Motorola DLR series. The DLR1020 is a 2-channel radio and the DLR1060 has 6 channels. They both have a signal range of 2 miles outdoors and 300,000 square feet or 20 floors indoors. FHSS technology provides added privacy for secure communications.

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