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Here at Tech Wholesale, we can steer you to the best two-way radios for motor sports. Are you already looking to up your game with a powerful walkie-talkie system? You might not be certain of which radio is best suited for motor sports. As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we have the necessary expertise to know which of their radios provide the best value for Formula One racing, stock car racing, motorcycle racing or another type of motor sport. With the varying weather conditions and other environmental hazards you might encounter during a race, you need a two-way radio system that can really take a beating and stay strong. For this, we recommend the Motorola RDU4100, RDU4160d, RMU2040 and DLR series digital radios.

What these different models have in common is a design that's built to rigorous military specifications. These radios are resistant to shock, vibration, dust and jets of water. Certain models like the RDU4100 and RDU4160d are housed in a tough polycarbonate case, making them virtually indestructible. The RDU4100 has 4 watts and 10 channels and the RDU4160d has 4 watts and 16 channels. This lets you designate a separate channel for a particular group of users, such as owners, officials and pit crews. The RMU2040 has 4 channels and 2 watts, with an outdoor range of 250,000 square feet. All 3 models feature exclusive business frequencies and privacy codes for clearer, more secure communication. They offer hands-free operation, and the RDU4100 and RDU4160d can be used with a repeater.

Motorola's license-free DLR series radios have advanced features like pristine digital audio, the ability to speak to individuals as well as groups and FHSS technology for added privacy and reliability.

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