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Are you hoping to enhance service and boost profits with two-way radios for Mexican restaurant use? If so, you may already be considering Motorola radios, since this global leader in telecommunications has been developing innovative technology since 1928. Tech Wholesale, as an Authorized Motorola Dealer, has the expertise you need to choose the best Mexican restaurant radios available today. We are also known for our outstanding service and low prices.

Timely communication between supervisors and employees is extremely important in any successful business. However, if you own a restaurant, you'll know that customer satisfaction directly leads to bigger profits, and keeping the customer happy strongly depends on how quickly and efficiently their needs are taken care of. A robust restaurant radio system enables managers, supervisors, wait staff, hosts and hostesses, chefs and kitchen staff to stay informed and get answers quickly. Whether it's a bus person letting the hostess know that a table is ready, a cook alerting a supervisor that they've run out of fish for their daily special or the restaurant manager alerting the entire team to a scheduling change, a restaurant runs more smoothly with a walkie-talkie system.

Radios for Mexican restaurants have special requirements. Since restaurant workers are always running around and very busy, their two-way radios must offer comfortable and reliable hands-free operation. They must also be easy to wear on a uniform and discreet, so that customers don't see a bulky radio or overhear internal communications. For these reasons, we recommend Motorola CLS series, CLP series and digital DLR series radios for Mexican restaurants.

If you're looking for an especially compact and lightweight model that includes the hands-free equipment you need, the Motorola CLP series radios are a smart choice. They weigh just 2.38 ounces and include a belt clip, microphone and earpiece. Perfect for smaller restaurants, these radios have privacy codes and exclusive business frequencies. They also include programming software for easy cloning of radio settings. The signal range is up to 10 floors, but they can be used with a repeater to double the range. Motorola CLS radios are slightly larger and heavier, but still compact and lightweight, comfortable to wear on a uniform. These radios have a front panel display and are extremely easy to set up and use.

Motorola's digital DLR radios take advantage of the latest in digital technology to produce crisp, clear sound with no static. They do not require an FCC license to operate, and they give you the convenience of a cell phone, with the ability to speak to just one person in addition to broadcasting to a group. These digital radios offer many advanced features, such as FHSS technology for reliable, private calling.

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