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If you're looking for Motorola two-way radios for laboratories, Tech Wholesale is the best place to make your purchase. Why? Because we're a leading supplier of top-of-the-line two-way radios to tens of thousands of customers, including government agencies, military forces, Fortune 500 companies and universities. Our expertise, great selection, low prices and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart.

Scientific laboratories may have personnel working in different parts of a large university or even on different floors of a building. For instant communication among your lab team members, wherever they happen to be engaged in research, we recommend the Motorola digital DLR series, the easy-to-use CLP series and the easy, compact and affordable CLS series radios. These models include UHF radios and the latest in digital radio technology.

Easy to use and ideal for getting personnel up-to-speed quickly, the Motorola CLS series radios feature 56 business frequencies and 121 interference elimination codes, in addition to digital and analog private lines. They have a range of 200,000 square feet outdoors and 15 floor indoors, with voice-activated hands-free communication. You can choose from a 1-channel or 4-channel model. Their CLP two-way radios are also compact and lightweight, and they come with earpiece and microphone for secure, private conversations. With a range of 100,000 square feet outdoors and 10 floors indoors, these sleek hands-free radios can be used with a repeater for increased range and power.

The Motorola DLR digital radios give businesses the benefits of digital technology, including clear static-free signals, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology for added privacy and the ability to speak privately to an individual in addition to the entire team. These digital radios do not require a license to operate.

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