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Two-way radios for helicopter tours must be extremely rugged, and there's nowhere better to buy the best helicopter tour radios than at Tech Wholesale. We're an Authorized Motorola Dealer, and Motorola's high performance radios are built for heavy duty use in challenging environments.

It may be necessary to reach a helicopter pilot from headquarters or to communicate with staff organizing a tour. Having a helicopter tours radio system makes keeping in contact with your tour crew easy as well as affordable. The radios we recommend include the Motorola DLR1020 and DTR550 digital radios, the RDV5100 VHF radio and the RDU4100 UHF radio. All these models are built to be extremely durable and reliable both indoors and outdoors.

The Motorola DLR1020 boasts crystal clear sound, thanks to its digital technology. It requires no FCC license to operate and offers the features of cell phones, such as the ability to speak privately in addition to contacting a group. The DTR550 is also a license-free digital radio, with an outdoor range of 350 square feet and an indoor range of 30 floors. It includes a long whip antenna and is built to military specifications to resist dust, shock, vibration and water. Motorola's RDV5100 is a VHF radio, most suitable for outdoor use. It has business frequencies and privacy codes, is built to rigorous military specifications and can be used with a repeater.

Built to withstand harsh conditions, the Motorola RDU4100 is a powerful 10-channel, 4-watt two-way radio, with removable antenna, noise reduction technology, business radio frequencies, privacy codes and advanced voice activated hands-free operation. Its range is 350,000 square feet outdoors and 30 floors indoors. This can be increased by using a base station repeater.

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