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A lot goes down before the curtain goes up and the spotlight hits your stage. A chorus of two-way radios can make your theater run smoothly from rehearsals, through set-up, showtime and strike. Walkie-talkies on the set let all of the different departments that put on a show talk to one another instead of running all over the place looking for this person or that thing or yelling across a large area filled with people trying to get other stuff done. Simply put: walkie-talkies allow you to keep focused on the task at hand while getting the information and things you need.

Read More And! With accessories like a headset or clip on mic and earpiece, you don't even need to use your hands to talk! So you can literally keep working on the task at hand! Lighting and sound technicians can interact with the stage manager and their equipment simultaneously. Need a prop from the back? Radio back to the props room and it's done. Walkie-talkies make stage-managing a production a lot easier on everyone. And when the lights come up, everything looks like magic!

Two-way radios can be a big help to the front of the house, too. Ushers communicate with one another to coordinate seating and find out from inside the house when to let in the inevitable latecomer. Ticket takers and the box office will use their handheld radios to coordinate guest lists and find out who's actually on it and who really is best friends with the lead. Walkie-talkies keep concession attendants on top of inventory and enable them to call for back up when they need it, without leaving their post. Whether you put on plays, stage music events, feature comedy nights, show films or do a little bit of everything, two-way radio communication is essential to the smooth running of your theater.

Long a leader in the two-way radio industry, Motorola makes walkie-talkies that are easy to use offering some models that are custom configurable with your personal computer. Of course, if you need us, we at Techwholesale are always happy to help! We feature a diverse array of two-way radios that fit every budget and business need and Techwholesale will deliver your walkie-talkies to your theater without shipping costs.

Unless you're running a drive-in and are working exclusively outdoors, you're going to want to go with a UHF band walkie-talkie for your indoor communication needs. Beyond that, you'll want think on how many groups you may want to separate out into their own communication channels. Using separate channels to speak to different groups handling unrelated tasks keeps things simple. It also allows for individualized conversation, for example,someone has a question for a manager: they simply Push-to-talk to you on your channel. All the while, theater managers can scan and listen to any and all channels to step in and handle issues that arise. Wear your Motorola two-way radio clipped to your belt, and it's right there whenever you need it!

Here are the best radios for theaters. Because all will cover your area, we'd recommend looking at size and cost of each. (CLP are the smallest, CLS, still very small and the larger, more durable RDX, and RM series radios follow).

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