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Hiking can be a great activity – but it’s important to never do it alone. It’s just safer to go with a friend or a group. When hiking with others, be sure that you never stay out of touch, even if you’re on different trails, by using a set of hiking long range two way radios from Trust us – you won’t want to be in the woods without a hiking radio at your side!

Read More Able to alert you to adverse weather conditions, emergencies, or even just where to find your friend, our hiking walkie talkie sets are a must-have when you’re spending time in the woods. Whether it’s in a state park or in your own backyard, it’s important to practice good hiking safety. At, we believe that an essential part of good hiking safety is a set of hiking radios.

Shop our top picks of long range two way radios and hiking radios from Motorola below!

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