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Walkie-talkies can be a true gift to any congregation, large or small, for the ease of communication they provide to the business of running the worship service or when putting on an event or outing. A good set of two-way radios prevents elders from having to run around: they can stay in place in the receiving line or watch over the little ones in the nursery and radio the right person to get the information, person or materials they need!

Read More Motorola two-way radios are small and light enough to slip in a pocket or wear clipped to a jacket or belt and come with a seemingly endless set of accessories that enable you to customize your two-way radio to fit the way you want to use it. For example, a headset or ear-clip with in-line Push-to-talk mic, lets you talk discreetly without distracting from the service.

UHF band walkie-talkies are going to be your best bet for communicating both indoors and out and across your church campus, large temple, or place of worship. Or, if you'd prefer digital communication instead of UHF, the digital DLR series radios give the opportunity to speak one-to-one among other benefits.

Sound techs don't have to yell at each other to get sound system settings right when a two-way radio can get the job done without disturbing the mood and sanctity of the space. Or use your two-way radio to help coordinate parking in your crowded lot and help everyone get to the church on time!

Having walkie-talkies on duty keeps lines of communication open for a rapid and smoothly coordinated response in a security or medical emergency. Your elderly and infirm guests will feel secure knowing the safety net is woven that much tighter. As will parents, when they see that renegade child wrangling is aided by two-way radio communication.

Techwholesale offers a variety of two-way radios that are affordable and easy to use. We'd be glad to help you find the right walkie-talkie for your church, synagogue or house of worship. We've worked with many organizations, families and businesses to find and configure walkie-talkies to meet their unique needs. Or, if you'd like to learn more for yourself, check out our Two-way radio guide that explains everything you need to understand the ins and outs of choosing the right handheld radio for your worship setting.

Here are the best radios for your situation. Because all will cover your area, we'd recommend looking at size and cost of each. (CLP are the smallest, CLS, still very small and the larger, more durable RDX and RM series radios follow).


Recommended Church Radios

Visitor 54657920: Can you hear all channels at all times?
Joe: So everyone who is on that channel will hear the person speaking
Joe: But, Channel 2 might be set up for daycare, Channel 3 for parking ministry, Channel 4 from maintenance Etc.
Joe: You change the channel with one of the few buttons on the side
Visitor 54657920: Got it. Yup that sounds like what we need.
Joe: That was one of the features of this radio there's very few moving parts, so there's very little to possibly breakdown
Joe: You will love these radios
Joe: And you will probably want these microphones
Visitor 54657920: Is there a multi-charger (more than one radio in a charger) available?
Joe: yes- the multi-chargers are above
Joe: But there's a great rebate going on right now. For every six to you by you we get an additional free radio or free six unit charger
Visitor 54657920: Thanks Joe. AM I likely to find a better deal anywhere else on the internet?
Joe: No. I'm glad you contacted us, because that allows us to give you a quantity price.
Joe: I am able to offer you this Discount And still be eligible for the rebate
Visitor 54657920: Ok. I'll need to get the costs together and run past our finance office.
Joe: We will always be here for you, and we do our best to offer perfect service. And you'll get lifetime technical support
Visitor 54657920: That's great. Under what I budgeted.
Joe: Then use your rebate to get free multi chargers
Visitor 54657920: Yes thinking the same thing
Joe: Terrific I'm so glad I could help
Joe: If you've liked this attentive service, we'd truly appreciate an social-media links you could provide for other churches for We love helping you guys, and have worked with thousands of church radios.
Visitor 54657920: So help me out just a bit more so I can put my price together for my finance office. 20 radios, 20 earpieces, 2 12 unit chargers. What's my price?.
Joe: ok one sec
Joe: $xxxx
Visitor 54657920: Great. Let me work this with finance and some of the other ministry leads. I'll be in touch next week.
Joe: On second thought you might be better off buying the multiunit chargers now and using the rebate for free radios for future use given the price difference.
Visitor 54657920: We'll chat next week. Need to get this done. My FRS radios are dying and I'm not buying any more.
Joe: I completely understand about the FRS radios they're basically just toys
Visitor 54657920: How fast is delivery?
Joe: The radios will go at the same business day that they're ordered
Visitor 54657920: Ok. They were better than what we had and worked ok, but don't last very long with our use profile. Cheap is cheap, unfortunately.
Joe: Yep. These DLR could truly last 10 years+ in a church-setting. 2 years is 100% guaranteed.
Visitor 54657920: That price included ear piece mikes?
Joe: Yes 20 radios 20 mics and 2 chargers.
Joe: Sounds great talk to you then

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