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Stay well-connected with your car club pals with robust two-way radios. Whether it's to coordinate a meeting point or let the crew know that someone just got a flat tire, investing in a car walkie-talkie radio system is a smart move. It's a breezy Sunday afternoon and you and your car club buddies are out on the open road. Know of a good BBQ joint around the bend and want to put the idea to the whole car club? There's no easier way to talk to everyone at once than with a handheld, two-way radio! Push-to-talk with the most comfortable mic on the market or use one of Motorola's VOX hands-free radios and everyone's the wiser!

Car clubs are fun. A lot of that fun comes from the joy of yuckin' it up with your fellow automobile enthusiasts. Why not do it over free radio waves with a handheld, two-way radio? A walkie-talkie can help you do just that with the mere touch of a button. No mucking about with cellphones or running up your cellphone minutes. Walkie-talkies keep it simple: Push-to-talk. When she purrs like a kitten, you want to tell someone. Or when she doesn't, you'll want to radio for help to get back on the road. Car clubs all across America use two-way radios to stay safe and have a good time while doing so.

Motorola two-way radios come powerful enough to push your car club transmissions over a few miles' range easy, when weather and terrain conditions permit two-way radio broadcasting. A handheld radio that operates on the VHF band is going to be your best bet for talking between the vehicles in your car club or car caravan. VHF waves are longer and carry further outdoors. However, if you or members of your car club already have UHF walkie-talkies that they want to use for the car club than you'll want to get UHF radios to talk to those UHF already in service. VHF walkie-talkies will not talk to UHF walkie-talkies. VHF is the preferred band for outdoor communication, but a two-way radio that uses the UHF band will work also.

Motorola walkie-talkies are small and light enough to fit in a pocket, car cup holder or clip neatly to your belt. The default lithium-ion battery that comes standard with all our Motorola two-way radios lasts longer than a tank of gas - up to 12 hours on a single, full charge!.

If you're looking to purchase a set of walkie-talkies for your car club, consider the economically priced Motorola Talkabout Series. These high-quality two way radios have many great features, such as operating on the license-free GMRS and FRS bands. They're also sold in sets of two or three radios. Tech Wholesale ships sets of two or more radios for FREE, all over the US including Alaska and Hawaii. If you order your walkie-talkies on a business day, we ship that day. Order on a holiday or weekend, and they're out on the next business day. We pride ourselves on caring for our customers and providing the best customer service possible. You're welcomed to contact us by email or telephone to help you choose the right handheld, two-way radio for your car club!

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