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Managing a campground means there's a lot of people and materials to coordinate -- a whole lot -- and you need to make that happen over a broad distance on your patch of the great outdoors. Scouts, religious and social groups, birthday parties, company and corporate retreats; the list is probably endless, yes? Campground managers, you can make your lives a heckuva lot easier by adding two-way radio communication to your campground tool set.

Read More Walkie-talkies enable you to talk to individuals or entire groups of campground staffers with the simple push of a button, using Motorola's Push-to-talk technology. They're perfect for campgrounds where cell phone reception isn't available. After all, your campers have come up there to get away from it all, right? However, that doesn't mean getting away from help in an emergency should one arise. Two-way radios can help you and your staff keep young and old safe in an emergency by staying in touch over the airwaves using two-way radio frequencies. Include the security of two-way radio communication on-site in your marketing brochures and website text and you've got a solid value add to sway campers over to your grounds.

Durable, Motorola two-way radios are built to take the rough and tumble duty demanded on your active campground. Motorola's most rugged model, the RDX series, is manufactured using a polycarbonate overmold that houses a die-cast metal chassis. The RDX walkie-talkies are built to military specifications 810 C, D, E, F and are IP54/55 rated. All Motorola business radios are made to last and to handle your business.

Motorola handheld radios are also made for ease of portability. They're light and slip easily into a pocket and are right where you need them in a carrying case or clipped to a belt. Your choice of accessories lets you configure your walkie-talkie set-up to the way you want to use it. A CLS radio with VOX (Voice Activation) or one of the RDX models, lets you talk hands free when you purchase a VOX accessory such as a mic with earpiece.

A UHF band walkie-talkie would be ideal to communicate both indoors and out, but if you've got VHF band two-way radios you want to keep in service, they'll work too. You just want to be sure that you use all of one or the other. VHF band walkie-talkies won't talk to UHF band walkie-talkies. For more information on selecting the two-way radio that's right for your campground, have a look at our two-way radio guide that explains everything you need to know to find a walkie-talkie to fit your needs. Got questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email. Techwholesale is always here to help!

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