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Why are two-way radios for food processing plants a great idea? Think of all the different kinds of personnel and departments that must communicate on a regular basis to keep operations running smoothly. There are technicians, R&D scientists, mechanics, inspectors, process control engineers, production supervisors, operation managers, receptionists and more. With people spread out across a large facility, it isn't always practical to try to leave a voice mail on an office phone when a question needs to be answered or information must be immediately relayed. Food processing plant two-way radios to the rescue!

At Tech Wholesale, we understand what the requirements are for a food processing plant walkie-talkie system. Reliability, above all, is key, as is signal strength and durability. Workers must be heard over loud machinery and they must have their hands free for work, so it's important to have a radio with outstanding audio quality that can be efficiently used with an earpiece and microphone. For food processing facilities, we recommend the Motorola RMU2040, RDU4100, RDU4160d and DLR series radios.

The Motorola RMU2040 is a high performance 2-watt UHF radio with 4 channels, so multiple departments can each have their own channel on which to communicate. It has a signal range of up to 20 floors, a long-lasting 12-hour battery and easy cloning of radio settings from one unit to another. This rugged radio conforms to military standards for resistance to dust, shock, vibration and moisture. The RDU4100 and RDU4160d are extremely rugged and powerful two-way radios. The 4100 features 10 channels, while the 4100d has 16 channels and a backlit digital display. Both boast a powerful 4 watts, removable whip antenna, noise reduction technology, dedicated business radio frequencies and privacy codes. They have advanced voice activation and are compatible with base station repeaters. They're built to MIL-STD 810 and IP 54/55 standards for harsh environments.

With the latest in digital technology, the Motorola DLR series radios have a lot to offer. These license-free radios have cell phone features, like the ability to speak to one person privately, as well as pristine audio quality that's free of static. The signal stays strong to the very edge of the coverage area, and these DLR radios offer FHSS technology and privacy codes for secure communications.

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