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Dermatologist two-way radios, like any communication system in a busy doctor's office, must be able to keep staff well-connected at all times. There are many moving parts that must come together seamlessly for optimal patient care and satisfaction. Whether it's to quickly track down a doctor with an urgent patient question about medication, to check around with the staff before ordering supplies or to pass along a sudden scheduling change, two-way radios for dermatologists are a smart choice when doctors and staff are busy and not always at their desk. Having a walkie-talkie system also lets you get a message to the entire team at once, which can be extremely helpful, especially if personnel are spread out across a large floor in separate rooms or maybe even on different floors of a medical building.

The communication professionals at Tech Wholesale recommend the Motorola CLP, CLS and DLR series radios for dermatologist offices that want to stay fast on their feet to respond to the needs of their patients.

For lightweight, compact design, an easy to read front panel display and easy operation, there's the Motorola CLS series two-way radios. These high performance, affordable walkie-talkies are perfect for offices that must get doctors, nurses, assistants and office staff all up and running quickly. These are sophisticated business radios, with dedicated business frequencies for added privacy, interference elimination codes and voice-activated operation for hands-free use. But UHF radios are also easy to operate. The CLS1110 model offers 1 channel and 1 watt, and is designed for a smaller office where only a single channel is needed. If you want to give separate groups their own channel so they have the option of communicating only to their immediate team, the CLS1410 has 4 channels.

Also in the compact and affordable category are the Motorola CLP series radios. These 1-watt radios come with an earpiece and microphone for secure, private communications among very active personnel. Like the CLS models, the CLP two-way radio is lightweight and easy to use. The CLP can also be used with a repeater for extended coverage. The CLP1010 is a 1-channel model, while their CLP1040 has 4 channels.

For the latest in digital two-way radio technology, check out the Motorola DLR series radios. These walkie-talkies offer crystal-clear signal quality, the ability to call people privately in addition to communicating with the entire group and these radios can be used without an FCC license. This makes them cost-effective and eliminates paperwork, letting you get up-to-speed quickly. The DLR1020 is a 2-channel radio and the DLR1060 has 6 channels for multiple departments.

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