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Are you researching two-way radios for condominium associates? Tech Wholesale, as an Authorized Motorola Dealer, is extremely knowledgeable about their world-class radios, and as an official dealer that sells many of their fine products, we're able to offer the lowest prices. Our experts have recommended specific radio models that best suit the needs of condo associations. These radios are all compact and lightweight, so they're comfortable to wear on a suit or uniform. They also offer hands-free, discreet operation, which is a must, especially for public facing businesses. With one of these reliable, robust walkie-talkies for condominium associates, your internal communications will remain private and secure.

Condo Association radios can be used by property managers to their building manager, administrators, landscaping crew and others who are working on the property. Questions can be answered quickly without having to chase people down across a large, sprawling property. For these types of uses, we recommend the Motorola CLS series, CLP series and digital DLR series radios.

The Motorola CLP series radios are available in 1-channel or 4-channel models. They're both extremely light and compact and include a belt clip, microphone and earpiece for easy hands-free and private communication. They cover a range of up to 100,000 square feet outdoors or 10 floor indoors, and can be used with a repeater for increased range. The CLS1110 and CLS 1410 are also lightweight and compact, with a front panel LCD display. Both the CLS and CLP series radios have exclusive business frequencies and special codes to eliminate interference and keep signals clear and strong. The Motorola DLR series digital radios have many advanced features, such as crystal clear digital audio signals, FHSS technology for added reliability and privacy, the ability to speak privately to a single user and license-free operation.

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