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Set yourself free with one of these high performance two-way radio headsets. These combination earphone and microphone headsets will give you clearer and more secure transmissions and allow you to fully utilize your radio's hands-free design as you keep working. There are economically-priced models, such as low-profile, lightweight single-ear headsets with boom mics and basic stereo headphones designed for listening without outside noise. There are also single-ear muff headsets and high-end noise-reduction headsets that are ideal for personnel in noisy environments who must communicate with co-workers.Read More

There are many scenarios where a radio headset will greatly improve your internal communications and enhance the professionalism of your organization. For example, those working in retail or in busy offices at computers must have their hands free for work. Yet it's important for them to be able to communicate with co-workers and supervisors. For maximum comfort and efficiency, the slim design of the behind-the-head wire headband headset is ideal. Those who work with loud equipment and machinery or in noisy environments like airport terminals, construction sites, garages or industrial settings must be able to hear those on the other end of the radio clearly. It's equally important that others hear them. For these circumstances, our noise reduction headset with noise canceling microphone and built-in PPT is a smart choice. You'll also find headphones that are specially designed for specific radios, like the KHS-8BL headphone, which is compatible with the Kenwood TK-3230 series.

Voice activated technology in walkie-talkies keeps the workplace efficient, and these well-designed headsets complete the equation.

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