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Thank you for visiting our non-profit radio program. offers discounted radios to non-profit organizations here - Non- profit two-way radios.

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Organization: Vacamas Programs for Youth

At our 200-acre rural facility, Vacamas operates summer residential camps and school-year weekend programs for low-income, urban youth. Running extensive programs on a shoestring budget, the donation of Motorola radios would benefit our staff by enabling them to communicate across our large facility and ensure the safety of our youngsters.

Organization: H & H Bass Club

Our 60 member fishing club has proven themselves over the past 11 years to be the best Good Samaritans you'll ever know from rescuing stranded boaters, a dog swimming a huge lake taking him back to land to find his frantic owner, moving trees & debris from flooded lake ramps and saving a woman from drowning making sure she was taken to safety as rescuers tried desperately to save her husband. Two-way radios would help this group of proud fishers do even better at supporting those around them as they continue to enjoy the sport they love!

Organization: The Texas Zoo (South Texas Zoological Society)

Radios are used by Zoo staff to keep our guests, zookeepers and animals safe. Radios provide a method for immediate communication throughout the Zoo. We need them for all emergencies such as lost children, injuries or animal issues. We cannot run the Zoo safely without two-way radios.

Organization: Boy Scouts OF America-Battlefield District-Heart of Va Council

We have several programs during the year for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts like Twilight day camp in the evenings, another multi-District evening camp at Maymont Park. We have Klondikes, Skill-O-Ree, Hike-O-Rees, Cubs with Son, Merit Badge and Belt Loop events, Winter Camp, Cub-Mobile race. Some events cover several miles.

Organization: Legacy Academy

We’re a K - 8th charter school with 350 students. We need 6 to 8 radios for daily use during carpool and recess to ensure the safety of our students. Also used in emergencies that may arise to ensure adequate communication between staff and emergency personnel.

Organization: Britton-Macon Area School (preschool-12th grade school)

The radios would benefit both our crossing guards as well as our recess staff who are outside and not in direct communication with the office. The radios would help both groups be able to alert the office immediately if a situation with a child occurred that needed attention.

Organization: Boston Valley Elementary School

Two-way radios are critical to the success of our safety plan. Communication between staff members help to save valuable minutes in a crisis situation. When we have a fire drill we take attendance in various zones. When students are missing or not in the appropriate location we need to find them via two-way radios. Our current radios are older and we need more of them.

Organization: National Defensive Training

National Defensive Training is a Non Profit Organization who provides close combat defensive training to women and children nation wide; due to the nature of our high profile company we have an Executive Security Team and are in need of two way radios for security communications.

Organization: Ponchatoula youth Basketball League

The PYB is approximately 600 children strong , however that means we have two - three gyms running at one time . The PYB is ran by volunteers , which means at many times there is only 1-2 people working those gyms . If we had radios we could communicate between gyms , as to if we needed ice , additional supplies etc, and if any problems were to arise. It would just be a big help to be able to communicate in a quick single touch way . We at PYB thank you for the time and consideration for these radios .

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