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Take your communications to the outer limits! To expand the reach, flexibility and service of your radio fleet, we carry robust, well-designed base stations, radio repeaters for handheld units and call boxes. This equipment is compatible with various models of two-way radios, and they can enhance your organization's communications for better coverage and greater efficiency, leading to satisfied customers and bigger profits. We also have the best prices available for this equipment, which is good news for your bottom line. Read More
The main difference between base stations and repeaters is that a base station is virtually the same device as a handheld two-way radio, but it's mounted to a desk for stationary use. Base stations are desirable for workers who are primarily stationed at a front desk or some other fixed location. They can communicate with handheld devices, and an external antenna can be added to increase their range. They're also more durable for hazardous environments like warehouses and factories, and are a smart solution for employees who lose or misplace their radios. They can be easily integrated into your existing communication system and can connect with handheld units such as the RMU2040 or CLS1410. Radio repeaters for handheld radios operate like a radio, but it can also receive signals from portable radios and then re-transmit those signals to other radios. This capability can double the range of the two-way radios at your facility. A typical system for a catering company might include a radio repeater at the main office and small Motorola radios for those working in the kitchen, at a shipping dock or out in the field.

Call boxes can be used in malls, on shipping docs, at rear entrances to apartment buildings and throughout retail environments. This allows anyone to send an automated message to any personnel carrying one of our two-way radios. Think of them as an emergency contact point to all those on handheld radios in the immediate area. There are many possible uses for a call box - as a radio two-way retail customer service system, to alert a security team of an emergency and to notify workers at a shipping dock that a shipment has arrived.

Tech Wholesale is a leading supplier for Motorola, Kenmore and other two-way radios and communication equipment. Our knowledgeable support staff can help you put together the best system for your company's unique requirements.

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