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Keep your family safe and well-connected on your next bold adventure! Before you embark on that exciting trip to Disneyland, Disney World or Six Flags, consider investing in walkie-talkies. They make the perfect companions for your family's amusement park escapades. If you've ever been to a busy theme park, you'll know that along with the action-packed fun comes big crowds and a lot of terrain to cover. If you're traveling out of town, it isn't always certain what type of cell phone coverage you'll have, and if you might even be hit with "roaming charges" from your carrier. In crowded areas, cell phones might not always be the most reliable form of communication. With high performance family walkie-talkies, you'll never have a problem reaching your kids or your spouse again. Read More
Since 1997, Tech Wholesale has been a leading supplier of Kenwood and Motorola two-way radio equipment. Because of this, our communication experts know which models are best for which uses. These recommended models include more basic units that are easy to use and models with greater range and more advanced features like business-exclusive frequencies, hands-free operation and programmable software. Some models are built to rigorous military specifications to resist shock, water, dust, wind and extreme temperatures, making them virtually indestructible and able to stand up to whatever your kids throw at them. You'll find both UHF and VHF models. UHF is recommended for indoor use or for general indoor and outdoor use. These types of radio frequencies are best able to penetrate concrete, wood and metal. VHF radios will give you the widest coverage over open outdoor spaces and terrain with rolling hills. There is also the Motorola Talkabout 3-radio set, which gives families an economical way to stay in touch. Priced right for those on a budget, these two-way radios use the FRS (Family Radio Service) band, which is free to use and unlike UHF or VHF, does not require a license.

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