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Get your hotel running like clockwork, smoothly and efficiently, and see profits soar - with an improved internal communications system. Hundreds of guests to accommodate can leave you with millions of things to do and coordinate. Make it easy on yourself and your hotel staff by integrating walkie-talkie radios for hotels such as the license-free digital Motorola DTR410 into your workflow. Having two-way radios onsite can smooth the path to guest satisfaction and repeat customers by allowing your staff to present a professional image backed by rapid response to guest requests. Designed with your small to medium sized hotel in mind, sleek and lightweight Motorola CLP two-way radios were borne out a deliberate dialogue between the leading innovator in business radio communication, Motorola, and busy industry insiders from the hospitality field. Their two-way radio designers created the CLP radio to look good on a business suit or uniform and transmit messages loud and clear across 100,000 square feet and up to 10 floors. If you require greater range or are battling two-way radio dead-spots in the structure of your hotel, you no longer have to worry. Motorola two-way radios are repeater capable! The RDU4100 and RDU4100d also make great hotel two-way radios with an extended two-way radio range of 250,000 sq. ft. and up to 25 floors.

If you're thinking of going digital, Motorola's DLR1020, DLR1060 and DTR410 provide excellent two-way radio coverage. The two-way radios for hotels in the DTR series feature frequency hopping spread spectrum technology (FHSS) that makes them virtually impervious to eavesdropping. Entrusted with the most sensitive military communications, FHSS technology has been used by the US military for years. FHSS tech for your security staff makes a great value add when selling your hotel to celebrity or VIP guests. These advanced hotel radio systems can help make all the difference.

Of course, all Motorola two-way radios offer hundreds of privacy codes to protect your hotel's conversations and provide chatter free channels of communication.

For budget conscious hotels looking for an easy-to-use two-way radio system that's very affordable, Motorola's CLS series radios make a sound investment. The CLS walkie-talkies are durable radios that feature a convenient front panel display and broadcast across 200,000 square feet and up to 15 floors. Weighing in at just below 5 ounces, they won't weigh your hotel employees down at work.

No matter which two-way radio you choose for your hotel business, Tech Wholesale is here to help you get set up and answer any questions you may encounter. Call or email. We're here for you when you're ready to choose the right hotel radios.

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