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Farms are busy, noisy, and sometimes chaotic places, and when you’re trying to communicate with other farm hands, it can be tough. In some cases, cell phones just aren’t an option. So when you need to give instructions, directions, or alerts across your small farm, don’t trust your cell phone to do it. Instead, get a set of FRS GMRS two-way radios that can help you send messages easily and effectively over a large space or through multiple farm buildings. Small farm two-way radios can be the answer to your communication issues.

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Designed to stand up to the pressure of being used on a farm, our farming two-way radios and VHF radios are just what you’ve been looking for to outfit your family or farm hands with the right tools to communicate. Ask questions about animals, relay messages about harvesting, or even just send a friendly reminder to your help to get the grain put away. No matter what the task, our FRS GMRS radios and user-friendly farm 2-way radios are just what you’ve been looking for!

Shop the selection today at to save on farm VHF radios for every level of your operation. We guarantee the lowest prices available anywhere on all our farming two-way radios and accessories, so you can skip the hassle of shopping around and get back to work before the sun sets!

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