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Using two-way radios for office buildings can improve your communications throughout your entire workplace. Powerful enough to cover your property, but light enough to clip onto a belt or slip into a pocket, these handy small building two-way radios will improve your property management right away. All radios shown here at Tech Wholesale are UHF models, which provide the clearest communications signal for hotel properties and other small businesses. Multiple channel models on our Motorola two-way radios allow you to assign different departments their own channel, cutting down on unnecessary chatter between maintenance and security, for instance. Add on a discrete earpiece and microphone, and your staff will present a polished and professional appearance when they use these two-way radios for office buildings.

Read More Here are the best radios for managing or working in standard sized, smaller buildings. Because all will cover your area, we'd recommend looking at size and cost of each. (CLP are the smallest, CLS, still quite small and the larger, more durable RDX and RM series radios follow). The majority of people in this situation typically purchase the CLS or CLP radios.

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