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Recharge your company’s internal communications and discover a cost-effective way of increasing profits. For a minimal investment, you can improve your organization’s internal communications, which will lead to faster project completion, less confusion and more satisfied clients and customers. Whether you’re in the market for construction site walkie-talkies, two-way radios for restaurant workers or a set of radios for a security team, you’ll find the perfect solution for your workplace challenges.

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Click on any radio for details or to purchase. Or, check the "Compare" box to view features side-by-side. These innovative walkie-talkie radio systems for business use are designed with many features that are highly desirable for busy companies-multiple channels, powerful output, programmable settings, hands-free operation, wireless cloning of preferences, voice scrambling, compatibility with repeater units and military-grade construction. There are models with removable antennas, Bluetooth radios and radios with extended battery life. On the compact, basic and economical end, there’s the Motorola CLP series. These single-channel, 1-watt radios weigh just 2.38 ounces and are able to be worn discretely. At the other end are more powerful radios that are loaded with advanced features. The Motorola RMU2040 has programmable software, voice-activated operation, voice-inversion scramble settings and is built to stringent military specifications.

In terms of range, these business radios, available in UHF and VHF models, start at approximately 100,000 square feet of coverage outdoors and 10 floors indoors. The most powerful radios can go as high as 370,000 square feet or 7 miles outdoors and 33 floors indoors. As a general rule, choose VHF two-way radios if most of your communications will be outside in open space areas. VHF radios have a farther reach, but are impeded by concrete, wood and steel structures. UHF two-way radios are preferred for indoor use and outdoor in busy urban areas.

Tech Wholesale is a leading expert in two-way communications. Please contact us for a quote if you require more than a couple of radios. If you have any questions about these models or need assistance in choosing the best two-way radio system for your organization, our customer support team can help.

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