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Click on any accessory to purchase or for detailed information. Or, select the "Compare" box to view features of accessories side-by-side. Rest assured that you have the highest quality accessories for two-way radios that are specifically designed for your particular model. Tech Wholesale takes the guesswork out of purchasing radio accessories. In addition to shopping by accessory, you can also browse all Motorola radio accessories, browse all Kenwood radio accessories or shop by your specific radio model. We have the lowest prices on radio accessories anywhere and are an authorized dealer for Kenwood and Motorola radios and accessories.

For Motorola’s DLR digital radios, you’ll find replacement lithium ion batteries, a multi-unit charger, earpiece and microphone combinations, headsets and remote speaker microphones. For Motorola’s RDX radio line, there are also drop-in charging trays, a stubby UHF antenna, plug-in wall adapters, cloning and programming cables and belt clips. Kenwood PKT-23 accessories include clip mics with earphones, C-Ring ear hangers with push-to-talk button and microphone and Li-ion batteries. Other accessories for various radio models include earphone kits, noise reduction headsets with noise canceling boom microphones, low-profile headsets with adjustable boom microphones, swivel and surveillance earpiece and charger/adapter units.

In addition to ordering replacement batteries or a spare battery to have on hand, there are other specific scenarios where you might wish to purchase an additional accessory for your walkie-talkie. For example, if your radio came with a removable whip antenna, you might want to be able to switch it out for a stubby antenna for a more compact unit, when you don’t require the full range. For more discreet, private transmissions, you can use a low-profile earpiece and microphone, which will prevent customers from overhearing your internal communications. In loud environments where you have trouble hearing a radio communication, noise-canceling headphones are very helpful. To charge multiple units at one time, you can purchase a multi-unit charger.

Tech Wholesale’s customer support team is extremely knowledgeable about two-way radios for business and personal use. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right accessories for your radio system, give them a call.

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