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Stay in touch with your entire security team using high-performance two-way security radios from Tech Wholesale. Security two-way radios are essential during a crisis when constant contact is absolutely critical. The right radios can mean the difference between catching a thief and being on the hook for thousands of dollars of lost merchandise. Quality communication can even ensure that the security team and those whom they are guarding your business stay alive in a dangerous situation. Security forces of various kinds and even the police have always recognized this, which is why they make frequent use of the best security radios available.

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Spend a few minutes to read this comprehensive guide to security radio systems so you'll understand not only the importance of a security radio, but how it can help protect your business and your employees. You'll discover how a small investment today can pay for itself in the first two months while leading to enhanced safety and greater earnings for your security company.

For those whose responsibility it is to protect people and property, a reliable two-way security radio system is considered essential equipment. This is why Tech Wholesale offers the best security radios in the industry from well-known brands like Motorola and Kenwood. We only offer radios that are known to be reliable, easy to use and durable. That means that when a situation arises, your radios will be ready to transmit important information to help your team keep everyone safe.

Security radios must be extremely durable and powerful. In most situations, they'll need to be able to provide clear audio signals through multiple floors in concrete- and steel-reinforced buildings. In some cases they'll even need to be able to transmit across a large area of outdoor terrain, which may include trees, small buildings, hills or other obstructions. Regardless of whether you're securing the inside or the outside of a building, a two-way business radio is a vital part of an effective surveillance system. Radios for security companies help personnel protect people and property in residential or commercial buildings. In addition to physically monitoring an area using cameras, a security radio must be used to quickly alert others on your team if suspicious activity is detected, whether they're in another part of a large building or elsewhere on the property.

A security walkie-talkie can also be used to transmit an order or immediately distribute important information to your group, or to quickly assemble your team to a particular post or meeting location. Security teams can often be spread out over large distances, either in multi-floor buildings or over multiple buildings on private or commercial property, so effective communication is key to allowing teams to coordinate security efforts. Depending upon your company's specific requirements for coverage, number of users and groups, repeater capability, durability in harsh conditions and other features, you'll find the perfect model of security radio to fit your needs at Tech Wholesale.

Recommended Two-Way Security Radios

Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to on equipment, no matter how essential it is to the job. That's why Tech Wholesale is here to help with radio recommendations for every situation. For security operations in a building with up to 15 floors indoors or 200,000 square feet outdoors, and when an easy-to-use, compact design is preferable, there's the Motorola CLS radio line. These 1-watt business radios offer exclusive business-only frequencies for reduced interference, and are available with a single channel or 4 channels. Motorola's RMU 2040 model adds another watt for additional power to cover up to 20 floors and 250,000 square feet. This 4-channel radio features hands-free operation and easy wireless cloning. Cloning lets you copy settings from one master radio to other units. If you need especially durable walkie-talkies for security, the RMU 2040 meets military specifications for resistance to vibration, shock, dust, wind and extreme temperatures.

The most advanced digital technology is put to use in the Motorola DLR and Motorola DTR security radios. These powerful 900MHz digital two-way radios are equivalent to 4-watt radios. The digital design lets you call a team member privately, and you can also contact a specific group or multiple groups on a single channel. This capability speeds up communications and makes it easier to use the radio for a variety of situations. These innovative radios are also designed to rigorous military specifications for durability in harsh environments. They do not require an FCC license to use, unlike most UHF and VHF radios. They're lightweight and free of interference and static.

From the other heavyweight in the business radio industry, Kenwood, there are several radio models that offer advanced features such as hands-free communication, easy wireless cloning and military-grade design. Models include the discreet and compact Kenwood PKT-23, for coverage of up to 17 floors or 5 miles outdoors, and the Kenwood TK-3400U4P, a UHF 2-watt security radio for outside areas up to 6 miles and buildings up to 20 floors.

When used to keep commercial or residential properties secure, an important accessory will be a headset or earpiece that attaches to the radio. This allows users to hear communications coming over the radio without removing it from a holster or clip or even pressing any buttons. To find this type of equipment for your particular model of security walkie-talkie, you can shop accessories by brand.

Tech Wholesale purchases millions of dollars of communication equipment every year from the most respected manufacturers in the business. This buying power allows them to offer their customers the best possible prices on the walkie-talkies and security radios they need. Since they have a large inventory on hand to be able to respond to quantities required by their larger customers, orders can often be shipped the same day. This fast service, along with Tech Wholesale's commitment to customer satisfaction, is what sets them apart from their competition. If you need to get a security team up to speed quickly for a new client or special event, you'll appreciate this company that goes the extra mile.

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