Keep Employees and Business Assets Safe and Protect Profits with Two-Way Radios for Security

Spend a few minutes to learn all the basics of radios for security. A small investment will deliver a huge return in terms of safety for workers and security for valuable business assets. You'll also be protected in the event of an emergency. A quicker response to a problem leads to less downtime and greater earnings. It only takes a single event for the system to pay for itself.

Whether you have a dedicated security team in your business or not, security radios that are designed for business use (as opposed to consumer radios) can be a tremendous asset to your organization. In fact, even if you have a security company watching your facility at night, radios for security can be used in your company during working hours to alert your key employees, discreetly, to important information, a suspicious incident or an emergency situation. Unlike an intercom system, security walkie-talkies can be used to communicate with supervisors or managers, without other employees overhearing, and without having to take the time to make separate phone calls.

Businesses that Benefit from Radios for Security
Every company should be thinking about security and safety for their employees and their business. However, there are those that deal with keeping people and property safe on a daily basis, such as police, firemen, first responders, private security firms and security details in government buildings and on college campuses. For these professionals, high performance two-way radios for security purposes are especially essential.

There are many businesses that can greatly benefit from using two-way security radios, in terms of public safety and protection of valuable assets. Some examples of these are armored truck companies and those who transport and collect money, commercial warehouses and industrial buildings, condominiums and apartment complexes and retail buildings like electronics stores, supermarkets, department stores and malls. A security radio system can also help protect people and property in public buildings such as city halls, post offices, hospitals and clinics.

In the case of special events at company headquarters where large groups of people have gathered, security walkie-talkie systems are essential to maintain order and alert other personnel about potential problems and emergency situations. Sports games, concerts, conventions and conferences are other examples of when two-way radios can be the most effective way to report incidents or suspicious activity and coordinate evacuation efforts, should they become necessary.

Recommended Security Radios to Protect People and Property
Tech Wholesale's list of extremely reliable two-way radios include top-of-the-line Motorola and Kenwood models. Based upon your organization's particular requirements, there are radios that are lightweight and compact that can be worn discreetly and comfortably, and those that have a wider range and more features. Basic models that are very easy to use include radios in the Motorola CLS series, which are 1-watt radios with either 1 or 4 channels. They provide coverage of up to 15 floors indoors and 200,000 square feet outdoors. Their RMU series radios, such as the RMU2040, move up to 2 watts for additional power and coverage of up to 20 floors and 250,000 square feet. These are ideal for larger-scale security needs. This model is designed for hands-free operation and is built in accordance with strict military guidelines for resistance to vibration, shock, dust, wind and temperature extremes. If your company's security operations involve monitoring both inside the buildings and the company's grounds, durability is an important feature.

An excellent alternative to the standard UHF radios are the Motorola DLR and Motorola DTR digital radios. These 900MHz digital radios do not require an FCC license to operate, and they have the unique feature of being able to speak to people individually, in small groups or an entire team, all on a single channel.

Among Kenwood business radios, you can choose from compact, small units that can be discreetly worn by employees for security purposes, such as the PKT-23, or larger units with greater capabilities such as a wider reaching signals and greater wattage. There are both UHF and VHF models available. In general, UHF radios work best indoors, while VHF radios are designed for outdoor use, since the signals travel farther without obstructions. UHF radios are seen as being the best all-around radios for both indoor and outdoor use. The signals from these types of radios can easily penetrate steel and concrete, making them ideal for inside multi-floor buildings. UHF models range from the Kenwood TK-3230, with 1.5 watts, 6 channels and a 5-floor or 2 mile range, up to the powerful 5-watt, 16 channel Kenwood TK-3402U16P, which can reach 33 floors or 7 miles outside. These security radios have technologically-advanced features such as voice operated, hands-free operation (VOX) and easy wireless cloning of radio settings.

When security is a top concern for your company or organization, choose the best two-way radios on the market. Tech Wholesale offers unsurpassed customer service, fast shipping and low pricing.