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A two way radio system is a must-have for any school that wants to establish security and boost the efficiency of its daily operations.

School walkie talkies are used in a number of different ways throughout the school day. The most crucial in today's world is to protect children and staff members. Instant communication is the single strongest tool that a school can provide for emergency situations because walkie talkies are key to ensuring that unauthorized persons aren't trying to enter the school without being checked-in. And, the school radios may be used to inform all areas of the campus of any emergency.

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Radios for schools also help staff members maintain an open line of communication to accomplish many tasks throughout the day. They can help teachers locate a kindergarten student who has gotten onto the wrong school bus, or used by principals and teachers to coordinate the various classes that are entering and leaving the lunchroom at midday. Look at some of our 2 way radios for schools and find out why they are an ideal purchase for institutions of learning.

For administrators of a standard sized elementary school campus, we have 1-watt radios like the Motorola CLS 1410. School administrators who buy this business 2 way radio have the ability to communicate throughout the facility as well as outdoors at the school. It also allows people to communicate for about a mile or two for events like field trips. The four channels of this two way radio enable communication between everyone (in an emergency situation). Or, between several individual groups. For example, a principal can communicate with the school's nurse on one channel, the vice principal on another channel and the school secretary on a third channel. An alternative to the CLS 1410 is the Motorola CLS1110. While a CLS 1410 allows for multiple people to communicate, the CLS1110 offers one channel that is more than enough to accommodate the needs of a smaller school. Most importantly, the CLS1110 school walkie talkies are especially easy to use. A principal who wants to speak to the school secretary simply pushes a single button to talk! Each of these professional two way radios for schools made by Motorola is designed to fulfill the unique needs of a school.

We recognize that some administrators may have questions as they shop our online selection of affordable 2 way radios for schools. For instance, someone may have a question about our Motorola CLS accessories. We have a collection of microphones, earpieces, holsters and more that make our two way radios all the more convenient to use. Our capable representatives are happy to answer phone calls from customers who are looking for helpful answers. Our team can highlight the features of several walkie talkies for schools that are sure to meet the daily needs of any facility and its staff.

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