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Two-way radios for safaris keep staff and adventure seekers informed, comfortable and safe, while enhancing the experience for your clients. Join the thousands of organizations that have discovered how two-way radios enable greater service, which leads to glowing accolades, repeat business and new customers. In the wild and unpredictable outdoors, a small investment goes a long way in terms of safety and customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Need Two-Way Radios for Safari Tours?
An African safari (or an adventure tour in any other region of the world) has unique challenges when it comes to communication between tour leaders, drivers and other personnel. With tour operators leading groups in remote regions, cell phone communication is not always reliable. Yet one group leader might have to contact another, whether it's to warn of an impending storm, to ask a question or to report an animal sighting. Having a walkie-talkie available to call for help is very important, if someone is injured or gets lost. High-quality two-way radios for safaris help ensure the safety of tour guides and customers.

Best Two-Way Radios for Safaris
For safaris and other outdoor group adventures in a relatively open area, durability and reliability under harsh conditions are primary concerns. For this reason, we recommend the Motorola RMU2080 and Motorola RDU4100 UHF radios, which are made for harsh environments. We also recommend Motorola's DLR Series and DTR Series digital radios for advanced capabilities.

The Hard-Wearing RDU4100 and RMU2080
Both the RDU4100 and RMU2080 are built to rigorous MIL-810 military specifications to resist vibration, shock, extreme temperatures and dust. In addition, they conform to IP-54/55 standards for high-powered jets of water. They also use exclusive business frequencies. The RMU2080 also includes NOAA weather radio stations. Digital Radios for Safari Tour Use
The Motorola DLR Series are two-way radios that use the latest technology and offer advantages over UHF radios. They don't require an FCC license to operate, saving you time and money. They also give you the ability of speaking to a single person (as you would on a cell phone) in addition to broadcasting to a group. Advanced technology provides enhanced privacy. Since there are no knobs or moving parts, these digital radios are extremely rugged.

Tour Radios for Safaris
For a safari tour leader who wishes to address the entire group, see our group tour radio systems. From Listen Technologies, these radio systems are ideal for situations where a tour operator is addressing an entire group and wants to make sure everyone can hear clearly.

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