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Beef up your organization's communications system with virtually indestructible equipment! These radio base stations can stand strong in any industrial environment and keep your workers efficient and agile. Stationary two-way radio base stations are ideal for large industrial sites spread out over a wide area, police and other emergency responders, greenhouse operations, commercial farms, factories, manufacturing plants and college campuses. They give you greater power with more wattage than a portable two-way radio, which will send signals out over a larger area. In addition, they can easily integrate with your existing internal radio system so that transmissions from your company's portable walkie-talkies are sent to the fixed base station and can then transmit with increased power to other radio frequencies. Unlike portable radios, a two-way radio base station can be used with an external antenna for added transmission power - impressive indeed. Read More
Another important reason to use a base station is to keep important communication devices continually up and running. Portable units can easily be dropped or damaged by industrial machinery and other environmental hazards. Your operational costs will be greatly reduced if you don't have to regularly replace portable radios that must be used in high-risk areas. When some workers are in a fixed location and others are moving around over a large indoor or outdoor facility, radio base stations are a smart, cost-effective solution.

At Tech Wholesale, we carry Ritron two-way radio communication products like their industrial-grade radio base stations and compatible accessories. Ritron Wireless Solutions has been an industry leader in the voice, telemetry and data communication field since 1977. The company designs and manufactures locomotive clean cab radios; portable and mobile radios; telemetry, data and OEM products; intercom and callbox systems; wireless alerting; public address systems; repeaters and specialty communication products. Their customers span commercial, industrial, OEM, integrator and military markets.

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