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Table 5 has been waiting for their order for 45 minutes. 

The couple at Table 12 was seated 15 minutes ago and no server has approached them.

The kitchen is completely backed up with tickets piling. They need help that they’re not getting.

These are all common issues in a restaurant. And they can all be easily avoided with a quality restaurant radio. 

But the word "quality" there is important. There are a lot of walkie talkies out there, but not all of them are going to work for your restaurant.

If you go out and buy the first radio that you see, you might be in for a rude awakening. 

Static, poor battery life, messages that sound like a fast food drive-through speaker. 

That’s why you need something stellar. 

We’ve got you covered. 

You need a business radio for your restaurant that fulfills a specific need. 

In this article, we will find the right radio for you. We'll give you the benefit of our decades of experience. We’ve sold thousands of restaurant radios and have compiled all that knowledge right here on this page.  

This article will give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision, but if you have any questions our website has a live chat feature that will allow you to speak directly with one of our restaurant radio experts. 

You can also contact us via phone at 888-925-5982 or email us with your questions.

If you see a radio that you're interested in, you can get a free personalized quote at any time. 

What Do You Need in a Restaurant Walkie-Talkie/Radio? 

You work in the restaurant business. You get the need for reliable, portable communication.

Clear communication improves productivity and improves your customer's dining experience. 

Tables are ready faster. 

Food comes out sooner. 

Customer service improves. 

Yelp scores go up. 

The end result: Your business grows. 

But not just any old radio will do for every restaurant. 

You have to consider your specific needs when determining which restaurant radio is right for you.

That is what we do best at Tech Wholesale. 

We don't want you to buy any radio just because you like the name or the price. We want you to make an educated decision and purchase the ideal device within the scope of your needs, staff, and location. 

What makes a great restaurant radio?

  • You need extended battery life. Anyone who has ever worked a 12-hour shift can attest to that. 
  • The radio should also be both compact and discreet — easily blended into a server's uniform so as not to draw too much attention. 
  • There should be a hands-free element to your radio as, frequently, your staff will be working with their hands but still be able to respond to radio messages quickly. 
  • The device should also be easy to use. Restaurant workers have enough to worry about without having to figure out a complicated device with a steep learning curve. 
  • You want to make sure that the radios you pick have the ability to communicate around obstructions. It needs to be heard over the sounds of a bustling dining room.
  • Restaurant radios need to have specific channels that can be used to segment your staff if necessary. At the very least you need a dedicated channel for your management team. 

From our experience, restaurants work best when everyone is communicating on one general channel, using quick messages that everyone can hear:

“Table 12 is ready.” 

Easy breezy. That’s concise and direct communication. 

Channels come into play when larger issues have to be discussed:

“Sarah, call Tom on channel two.” 

Sarah and Tom can then have an in-depth conversation over the radio without bothering the rest of the staff. 

It's important to remember, though, that all restaurants have different needs. What works for one won't necessarily work for all of them. 

We don't want you to overspend on a radio built for a mile-long construction site, nor underspend on a radio that won't work from the back office to your front door.

That's why we encourage you to consult with the professionals at Tech Wholesale.

You can reach us by phone at 888-925-5982. Our website also features a chat function and a contact form

If any of these radios interest you, reach out to us to get a custom quote today. 

Best Restaurant Radio Models 

To help you with your selection, we've highlighted six different models below that are perfect for restaurants of every size. 

These recommendations come from our own experience working with thousands of these radios. Each and every one has a rock-solid history and great reputation in the restaurant world.

Motorola and Kenwood both combine durability with a wealth of advanced features that we've found serve a restaurant well. 

Many of our restaurant clients get good use from the Motorola CLS series as it was specially designed for restaurants. 

The CLS has been THE staple radio for restaurants for more than 15 years. 

But, if you want the radio that Motorola spent five years developing based on CLS user feedback, then the advances of the DLR series will appeal to you. 

For instance, DLR devices were designed to eliminate things like antennas loosening over time. 

As a result, Motorola incorporated the antenna into the actual body of these radios. That ensured it would remain solid for many years. 

Motorola toughened up the DLR model. They are also digital radios, which means they feature crystal clear communication. They are also immune to FCC licensing fees. 

Some UHF and VHF radios require you to purchase a license from the US government. Thankfully, digital radios like the DLR series have no such requirements. 

The features you need will vary based on your restaurant type and atmosphere. If you're confused or have additional questions, ask us, and we'll help you make an informed decision. You can chat with us on our website or call 888-925-5982.

Our Recommendations:

Motorola DLR1020 

The Motorola DLR1020 is an excellent addition to any restaurant.

It’s especially good for a restaurant that has up to six radios in use. That’s because it has two channels — one for management and one for everyone else. 

There are a bunch of reasons why restaurants choose the DLR series over a CLS or CLP:

  1. It’s an even more durable device that is also compact.
  2. There is no FCC licensing fees. 
  3. Because it uses newer technology, digital communications are even more clear on the DLP than the CLS or CLP.

This product has several features:

  • No FCC license fees, which can add a lot to the final cost.
  • Two channels to segment a smaller staff.
  • Indoor Range of 300,000 square feet or 20 floors.
  • 900 Mhz Digital Communication.

If you want to include the Motorola DLR1020 in your restaurant, contact Tech Wholesale to get a free personalized quote

Motorola DLR1060 

The Motorola DLR1060 takes everything we love about the DLR1020 (including the same, strong power-level), then jacks up the number of channels to six. 

It can be very useful for restaurants with a more extensive staff.

Some features of this device include: 

  • No FCC Licensing fees. 
  • Six channels for large staff segmentation.
  • An indoor range of 300,000 square feet or 20 floors.
  • 900 Mhz digital communication.

To get a free personalized quote for the Motorola DLR1060 for your restaurant, contact Tech Wholesale today. 

Motorola CLS1410 

The Motorola CLS1410 is a popular choice for a lot of smaller restaurants. It was developed specifically with restaurants in mind. 

There are a few reasons why your restaurant might choose a CLS radio over a CLP or DLR. 

  1. It has a proven track record spanning more than 15 years. 
  2. It is the most economical model
  3. CLS radios have a speaker (which is incredibly useful in the kitchen). Cooks can place it on the counter — meaning no earpiece to burden them while they’re trying to cook.

Some features of the CLS1410 that restaurants would find particularly useful:

  • As a UHF Radio, it is optimized for restaurants with both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Four channels allow you to segment your staff easily.
  • Indoor range of 200,000 square feet or 15 Floors covers the space of most restaurants or cafes. 
  • It is specially designed for restaurant use. 
  • Audible Call Alerts with Vibracall means that messages won't interrupt servers when they're speaking with guests.
  • Voice-activated transmission allows for hands-free use. 

The Motorola CLS1410 would be a perfect addition to your restaurant. Contact us today to receive a custom quote

Motorola CLS1110 

The Motorola CLS1110 is another radio designed specifically with restaurants in mind. This one, however, is better for smaller places like cafes that have fewer staff, because everyone would speak on the same channel.

Here are some of the best features of the Motorola CLS1110:

  • It is a UHF Radio, so both inside and outside seating areas will be covered. 
  • Indoor Range of 15 floors or 200,000 square feet, which comfortably fits most smaller restaurants.
  • It is designed to be clear, light, and simple to use so that it won't impact your workers' movements. 
  • Effective at getting signal around walls, ceilings, and other physical obstructions.

Want to see more about the Motorola CLS1110 and how it can help your business? Contact us today for a free quote.

Motorola CLP1040

The Motorola CLP1040 is a small, compact restaurant radio. It can be a tremendous asset for restaurants of all sizes. It even comes with an earpiece, which can be very convenient for wait staff on the move. 

If you’re comparing the CLP series over a CLS or DLR, here are a few reasons why you might choose it. 

  1. It’s discreet. This helps create a more professional and upscale appearance for your staff.
  2. It’s the smallest professional radio on the market. 
  3. It doesn’t have a speaker and must be used with an earpiece. The earpiece comes with the radio.

Here are a few of the fantastic features of the CLP1040:

  • This is a UHF Radio that will allow for communication inside and outside. 
  • There are four channels, meaning you can segment a larger staff.
  • The indoor range of this device is 100,000 square feet or 10 floors. That goes up to 20 floors if you're using a repeater.
  • Specifically designed with restaurants and hotels in mind. 
  • It comes with both a swivel belt holster and an earpiece to allow for discreet communication. 

Want to learn more about the discreet Motorola CLP1040 for your restaurant staff? Reach out to us today for a free quote.

Motorola CLP1010 

If you have a smaller staff and a smaller space, where all employees speak on the same channel, but still want the discreet functionality of the CLP series, then the Motorola CLP1010 is the right choice for you.

Some reasons why you might enjoy this device are:

  • This UHF Radio can send a signal both indoors and outdoors. 
  • It has an indoor Range of 100,000 square feet or 10 floors. That’s perfect for a cafe. 
  • It comes with an earpiece that features an inline mic as well as a belt hook. That makes hands-free communication possible. 
  • Specifically designed for restaurants.

To get the CLP1010 for your restaurant, you'll need a free personalized quote from Tech Wholesale. Contact us today. 

Make sure that you fill out our contact form or chat with us if you have questions about this or any other device that we sell. 

Which Restaurant Radio is Right for You? 

Different businesses have different needs. 

We don't want you to waste your money on a device that doesn't do what you need it to do. 

That's why we create articles like this, to help you make an informed decision. Below, you'll find our recommendations for restaurants of various sizes. 

We're available on live chat to handle any questions you may have about these devices, as well as by phone at 888-925-5982.

The Right Restaurant Radio for Small Restaurants

For a small restaurant or cafe, we recommend the Motorola CLS1410.

Being a UHF radio makes it ideal for indoor communication. It’s also perfect for reaching out to servers who are stationed on an outdoor patio area. 

It only uses 1 Watt of power. That’s all you really need for a smaller space. Any more than that would be a waste. 

It has an indoor range of 200,000 square feet or 15 floors. 

This is a device explicitly designed with restaurant use in mind. 

There are four channels, which lets you segment a smaller staff. That's still important, even for a smaller establishment. 

Vibracall alerts also ensure that your device won't just blurt out messages in front of customers.

Get a quote for the Motorola CLS1410 by reaching out to Tech Wholesale today. 

The Right Restaurant Radio for Medium To Large Restaurants

If you've got a larger restaurant, like those found in a hotel or a large chain, we recommend the Motorola DLR1060

With six channels, you can segment a much larger staff.

You're also able to save money on these radios because there is no FCC licensing. 

That means you won't have to pay any government fees to use your devices. 

This is a portable two-way radio with an indoor range of up to 300,000 square feet or 20 floors. That range is ideal for most larger spaces. 

To receive a quote on the Motorola DLR1060, contact us today.

The Right Restaurant Radio for Discreet, Professional-Looking Communication

If you're looking to keep your communication devices discreet, look no further than the Motorola CLP1040

This compact device is easily hidden and will work for smaller spaces. It allows for 10 floors of communication and features four channels to segment a smaller staff. 

Because it does not have a speaker, it also comes with a headset that features an inline mic. Typically, you'd have to purchase an earpiece separately, so you're saving time and money right there. 

The inline mic makes it easier for hands-free communication. 

This is also a device that was specifically designed with restaurants in mind. 

Contact Tech Wholesale today to get a free customized quote on the Motorola CLP1040.

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