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In a busy restaurant, you've got to have a reliable and convenient way to contact management if a problem arises, get in touch with the kitchen during dinner hour to find out what foods your running short of, and solve other issues. Whether you are the manager, a greeter, or part of the wait staff, you don't have the luxury of running back and forth every time you need information--your hungry guests are waiting! That is why so many restaurants buy and use two-way radios.

UHF Vs. VHF Radios — Restaurant radios should ALWAYS be UHF radios. Learn why here.

Power level — What is the proper wattage for your restaurant? 1-watt should be sufficient.

Radio Durability — Make the right choice for your restaurant. Here are a few pointers.

Everything else you need to know about two-way radios.

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Here at TechWholesale, we carry the most reliable restaurant walkie-talkies and radios available online. Restaurants and eateries across the country have trusted us for more than fifteen years to provide their business with these communication tools because of our knowledge and experience working with the industry. You can trust us to help you meet all your communication needs, for we are more than just a shop where you can purchase radios and walkie-talkies. Instead, we provide the best customer service and always assist our clients in finding what they actually need without selling something that has either too many or too few features for their particular establishments.

When it comes to two-way radios for restaurants, we usually recommend that you consider Motorola radios. Motorola has a long history of developing quality walkie-talkies and radios that are both durable and full of features for particular industries. Many of our restaurant clients prefer the Motorola CLS series radios and walkie-talkie headset accessories because they have been specifically designed for restaurants and other fast-paced businesses. Add a microphone or earpiece to one of these Motorola two-way radios from the CLS series and you'll get easy hands-free operation that looks professional and allows you to use the radios without having to keep them in your hands constantly.

With restaurant walkie-talkies from Motorola, you can designate specific channels for the wait staff, kitchen staff, management, and other workers so that employees are not distracted by communications and messages they don't need to hear. As a licensed Motorola dealer, you can trust us to help you buy the proper restaurant two-way radios, and we can even help you learn to use them. Contact us today for assistance with your purchase and for expert recommendations for walkie-talkie headset accessories and other components that make our great radios even better.

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