Dish Up High Profits for Your Business and Exceptional Service for Customers with Radios for Restaurants

Join 100,000+ businesses that have increased productivity and saved millions of dollars in employee-hours by using two-way restaurant radios. You'll see a direct correlation between happy customers and increased business. Take a few minutes to read this guide to restaurant radio systems, and you'll learn how this is possible.

Restaurants and hotel dining rooms that serve large crowds have unique communication challenges that make restaurant radios especially valuable. For a smooth running business focused on efficiency, customer satisfaction and maximum turnaround for high profits, it is essential to keep wait staff, kitchen staff, hosts and hostesses and restaurant managers on the same page. High performance walkie-talkies for restaurant use can achieve this, by helping keep everyone informed, up to the minute. Kitchen staff can quickly inform wait staff if they run out of something on the menu. Wait staff can let the hostess who is seating customers when a table becomes ready. Managers can communicate instantly with all their employees, passing along important information. An efficiently-run restaurant is immediately seen by the customer in terms of reduced wait times to be seated and served, and overall better service. The result is a less stressed-out staff and more repeat customers.

Restaurant two-way radios have several advantages over cell phones. Because the radios that Tech Wholesale recommend for restaurants are business radios (rather than consumer radios), they use different frequencies that have been set aside by the FCC for business use. This greatly reduces the interference you can often get on cell phones. Also, cell phones cost money for every call, and coverage can be spotty in certain areas. Using two-way portable radios for your internal communications is a far better option.

Newer business radio technology from leading manufacturers Motorola and Kenwood provide crystal clear communication over extended distances. Long life batteries have also revolutionized walkie-talkies, and chargers keep them fully powered and ready to use. These well-designed radios come in compact, discreet models that can be hidden on uniforms, making them virtually invisible to restaurant patrons. They're available in basic models that are easy for new employees to use. You can also find more advanced models with features like hands-free operation, easy wireless cloning, wider range and military-grade construction.

Recommended Two-Way Radios for Restaurants
For smaller to mid-sized restaurants, the Motorola CLS and Motorola CLP series radios are extremely easy to set up and use. These single watt, compact radios are perfect for many businesses. They're small and lightweight, so wait staff, hosts, hostesses, supervisors and kitchen workers who are always on the move can have them discreetly and comfortably hidden on their uniforms. Like Motorola's CLS and CLP models, the Kenwood ProTalk PKT-23 radio is designed to be small, lightweight and discreet, easily operated and worn as part of a uniform, not visible to customers. Both this model and the Kenwood TK-3230 are 1.5 watts, with multiple channels, easy wireless cloning and they can be used for hands-free operation.

Larger restaurants might require more power and additional options. Restaurants that need ultimately flexibility in communication should consider Motorola's DLR radios and DTR digital two-way radios. The digital design allows users to speak to individuals, groups of individuals or all staff members at once, on a single channel. These digital business radios do not require an FCC license to operate. Digital 900 MHz radios are equivalent in their range and signal strength to 4-watt radios. The Motorola RMU series radios are powerful 2-watt business radios that offer hands-free operation and easy cloning. Both the digital radios and the RMU series meet stringent military specifications for resistance to wind, dust, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures, which will be appreciated by your staff in a high-volume kitchen environment. Kenwood radio models that are designed for larger facilities include the TK-2400 series 2-watt VHF radios, the TK-3400 2-watt UHF radios and the extremely robust TK-2402 and TK-3402 radios, which have 5 watts of power for maximum coverage up to 33 floors indoors or 7 miles outdoors. These higher-end two-way radios are built to military specifications, designed for maximum durability in tough conditions.