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Why rent two-way radios short-term when you can purchase these inexpensive business radios instead? For less than the cost of a single-event radio rental, you can buy these radios permanently. There are no monthly fees or contracts, and you do not need to return the radios.

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The following radios are not up to par with quality Motorola or Kenwood radios. However, they will get you through a short-term engagement, probably several splendidly.

These radios will easily cover the typical area needed for temporary communication, like catering, event management, special occasions, outings, sporting events, parking, festival management, etc.

The key is that these are strong, full-service business radios with multiple channels. The sound quality and range are perfectly sufficient. and these will get you solidly through your event, without the expense and hassle of worrying about rental radios.

Our rent-alternative radios come with a 30-day warranty, as opposed to a 1-year warranty for our full-service business radios.

When these radios die, just recycle them responsibly, especially their batteries, and pick up an additional set. The new radios will connect with your current radios right out of the box.

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