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Ensure that your staff stays connected and your site runs smoothly with Motorola two-way radios for property managers . Depending on the type of property you manage, you may have several different teams with whom you need to remain in close communication when they are out on site. Departments such as a business office, building maintenance crews, concierge, security, food service, IT, landscapers and cleaners all work on direction from the big boss: you. Putting corporate two-way radios in your property management toolset keeps you and your employees connected without the budget burn of cell phones and minute plans. With a Motorola handheld radio, you simply push-to-talk! Communicating both in and out of doors works best with a UHF two-way radio. If you work exclusively outside, then you'll want to go with VHF radios. If you think you'll be mixing it up, definitely purchase UHF two-way radios. And remember, UHF only talks to UHF and VHF just talks to VHF. They don't talk to one another! So if you've already got a set of VHF radios and you want to add a few more soldiers to the fleet, make sure the property management two-way radios you buy are VHF radios too.

So, first question: How big is your site? Motorola offers two-way radios for every business need and budget. All of Motorola's RDX two-way radios are built to take a beating on a job site. In fact, they're built to take a beating out on the battle field, as they're compliant with military specifications 801 C, D, E, F, G and IP54/55. So you can relax knowing your investment is getting the protection the US military offers its own. The RDU 4100 ranges up to 350,000 square feet and up to 30 floors! For even broader range or if your site just naturally comes with dead spots, the RDU4160d comes repeater ready.

Maybe the property you manage isn't quite so big, so you'd like to pick up a few corporate two-way radios for a little less. Motorola's CLS two-way radios make an extremely effective and affordable business radio solution. CLS radios cover up to a whopping 200,000 square feet and as much as 15 floors. At just under 5 ounces, they're an easy breeze to wear and use. CLS two-way radios are most beloved for their simplicity and they require very little training. Motorola's CLS1110 is perfect for smaller properties that only need one channel. Motorola's CLS1410 offers 4 channel radio communication for property managers who prefer to separate out conversations to individuals or groups tasked with different duties.

Dispatching cleanup crews to spills and messes or security to emergencies is so much easier when you can do it from wherever you happen to be working on your site. Your site management employees can keep you up to date on what's going on around the property when you use two-way radios.

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