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When you're working as part of a team on a commercial plumbing project, two-way radio communication saves time, money, and frustration. Plumbing jobs go so much more smoothly when you can radio to the person at the other end of the line to turn water sources on and off or check pressure gauges. Next to your wrench and pipe cutters, your plumbing two-way radios are a must-have.

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Same goes for residential plumbing work. Construction companies like to know the plumbers they hire have brought their A-Game, and nothing says professional like a plumber who works fast and efficiently in close two-way radio contact with his assistant on the job. Whether you're working directly for a residential plumbing client or as an independent contractor hired by another company, everyone wants to know an essential part of living in the first world (running water) is in the hands of a smart plumber.

So what kind of plumbing walkie-talkie does a business savvy plumber buy? For starters, they work with UHF radios. UHF is hands down the handheld radio of choice for work that happens both in and out of doors. Beyond UHF, you'll want to think about the needs and the budget of your particular plumbing business.

Motorola makes some of the most widely used jobsite business two-way radios on the market. A plumber's work sees a lot of water and perhaps a few bounces, so you'll want to choose a solid, durable business two-way radio that's built to last. Motorola makes just such a radio in their RDX series models. Motorola RDX walkie-talkies are built to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f, and can handle extremes in temperature, moisture, salt, fog, shock, and vibration. Motorola's RDX two-way radios come IP54/55 rated, too. Motorola doesn't mess around when it comes to business radios for people who work hard. The RDX series radios are built with a die-cast metal chassis that's housed in a durable polycarbonate casing. You'd have to try to break it.

The RDX UHF walkie-talkies come in 2-watt and 4-watt power outputs. The RDU2020 offers 2 channel radio communication and doesn't have a display. Up from there, the RDU2080d features a front panel programmable display and 8 channels. All of Motorola's RDX two-way radios are customer programmable via a PC and free for download CPS software (customer programming software, requires a cable that's sold separately). The 2-watt radios carry a broad range of up to 250,000 sq. ft and up to 20 floors!

Should your plumbing enterprise need a walkie-talkie with a little more push, wider coverage or a business two-way radio that's repeater capable, you'll want to consider an RDU4100 or an RDU 4160d. The Motorola RDU 4100 provides 10 channels of two-way radio communication, but does not have a front panel programmable display. The Motorola RDU 4160d provides a full 16 channels of separate communication and does employ a front panel programmable display. Of course, these are just the basics on these quality business two-way radios for plumbers. If you'd like to learn more about what each has to offer, there is lots of RDX radio information on our site or we can talk you through the decision over the phone or in a conversation via email. At we're deeply committed to assisting our customers in choosing the two-way radio that's best for their plumbing business. Let us know how we can help!

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