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Learn how to achieve the maximum outdoor range with your two-way radio system by reading this informative article. Determining your distance outdoors can be difficult. You can find some great pointers in our Two-Way Radio Review. Some of the common questions that are answered include:

Why use VHF radios when communication outdoors?

What power level is right for your setting?

When should you use base stations or repeaters?

Campers, construction workers, park rangers, and countless others depend on radios and walkie-talkies with a long range (such as the Motorola RDV5100) to keep in touch across large expanses when they are outdoors. You must have only the best long range walkie-talkies if you are to stay in clear and constant contact with others, and that is where we can help. At Tech Wholesale, we have the right long range two-way radios for all your outdoor communication needs.

Whether you need a personal or professional long-range walkie-talkie, Motorola and Kenwood offer high-quality systems, and , Tech Wholesale can help you get the product that is most suitable for your requirements. For example, a VHF Motorola walkie-talkie range can be as much as 300,000 square feet outdoors, even without a repeater. We carry a full line of Kenwood and Motorola long range radios, and our associates are conversant with a variety of different industries and the demands they put on their radios. This means that we can help you get the proper two-way radios with a long communication range and avoid those products and accessories that either offer too much or too little for your requirements.

The longest range walkie-talkie products and accessories operate over the VHF frequency. When you add a repeater, you can greatly enlarge the already excellent range of communication that these radios offer. In areas where you have to communicate across several hundred thousand square feet, the repeater is especially useful. Our associates can help you determine if you really need a repeater with your long range walkie-talkie or if you can get by with a simple set or sets of long range two-way radios without add-ons that boost signal distance. 

Motorola and Kenwood trust us to provide knowledgeable service and excellent pricing on their long-range radio devices, and so can you. We have helped parks, construction crews, various tourism business providers, families and thousands of others get the long range walkie-talkies they need to respond to problems right away, help keep people from getting lost and much more. Contact us with any questions about your purchase and to buy radios from our extensive online catalog.

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