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The radios shown below are specifically selected as the perfect radios for nursing home facility use.

Because all of these will cover a typical campus, the main things to decide upon are size and durability. If you are looking for mainly the nursing staff to carry the radios, the super-small CLP series radios, the digital DLR series radios, or the palm-sized CLS series radios will be best for you. However, if you are looking for extra-durable radios for maintenance staff, the RM series radios may be your best choice.

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The responsibilities native to running a nursing home or behavioral health facility are staggering: the lives of loved ones hang in the balance, in your care. Readiness to respond in any emergency is a must for you and your staff. Handheld two-way radio communication gives you the tools to be there when your patients need you most.

Business two-way radios in your nursing home or behavioral health facility will enable your staff to provide the safety net your patients need when they fall, when they're lost, or when they're ill. Having a handheld radio clipped right to a uniform, allows nursing home staffers to immediately call for help moving an injured patient or for a crash cart when life is on the line. Your residents and their families will feel much safer knowing security is tight at your nursing home.You may want to add a quote like "Our staff stays connected 24-7 via two-way radio communication to ensure we respond to the health needs of your loved ones -- when seconds count," to your brochures and you've added a big reassurance that promotes your nursing home. Nursing home two-way radios can offer your patients some peace of mind.

Motorola, the leading manufacturer of business walkie-talkies, makes a medical office two-way radio that will work perfectly for your facility and your budget. Handheld radio models in the RDX series carry a range of up to 250,000 sq. ft and up to 20 floors. An RDU2020 or RDU2080d offers a tough, durable walkie-talkie for larger nursing home facilities looking for wider coverage. If you run a smaller nursing home that doesn't require one of the broadest ranging radios on the market, but does need to make a smaller investment; Motorola's CLS series radios provide up to 200,000 sq. ft and up to 15 floors of two-way radio coverage. The CLS 1410 enables you to split communication channels among separate user groups focused on different tasks, so there's less distraction for cafeteria employees who don't participate in nursing duties, for example.

If you're not looking to find a compatible radio that talks to other analogue walkie-talkies you may already have in service, Motorola offers 2-way business radios that use digital signals. The DTR410 or DTR 550, work a lot like a cell phones (minus the bills!) in that they offer contact lists and text messaging. Motorola DTR series radios let you talk one-to-one with individuals, to whole groups of people or to your whole fleet of DTR walkie-talkies, as you like. These are truly unique nursing home two-way radios!

Also a recent addition to Motorola's innovative, small business oriented handheld 2-way radio arsenal is the Motorola CLP. Motorola CLP series walkie-talkies feature a unique design that allows for discreet conversations from a unit with no external speaker. All Motorola CLP audio is routed internally through a wearable earpiece/microphone, so your nursing home seniors can enjoy their retirement in peace. Always pushing the cutting edge of technology, Motorola manufactures each CLP radio unit with anti-microbial properties built directly into the radio housing that prevents build up of viruses and bacteria on the unit. Disinfection and prevention is a must in an environment inhabited by elderly people with weaker immune systems.

If we at can assist you in any way in choosing the right business two-way radios for your nursing home, just let us know!

Here are the best radios for your facility. Because all will cover your area, we'd recommend looking at size and cost of each. (CLP are the smallest, CLS, still quite small and the larger, more durable RDX and RM series radios follow, and DTR radios are digital and more discreet).

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