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You've come to the prefect place to save money for your business while upgrading your communications system with high-performance two-way radios that do not require an FCC license to operate.

Read through the details below, or scroll to the bottom for the perfect radios.

We have experts in the field who are more than happy to handle your specific questions regarding no-FCC-fee radios. Just e-mail your specific questions to

The radios listed below are FCC license-free. Licensing is required for many types of radios, but these operate on wavelengths that the FCC has set aside for paperwork-free public use. Learn more here:

FCC Licensing - Licensing and radios service band descriptions

UHF Vs. VHF Radios - It's very important to get this right the first time

Everything else you need to know about two-way radios

Read More As you might be aware, many business UHF and VHF radios should have a business handheld radio license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

90% of people do not get the proper licensing, but the FCC asks that users of business frequency radios do get the proper license. has FCC coordinators who can help you get the proper permit should you elect these type of business radios.

No-FCC License Radios:

Should you want a business radio that requires no FCC license at all, we carry several great models.

This compact, durable, yet small radio is best for operations like retail, restaurants, theaters, etc:
Motorola DLR1060 No-FCC License Business Radio

This 2-channel version is great for medical facilities since it is the most HIPAA-compiant radio on the market:
Motorola DLR1020 HIPAA-Complaint Medical Radio

This heavy-duty no-FCC model is terrific for rough use. Places like warehouses, lumber yards, boat-loading facilities, etc. love the durability and range:
Motorola DTR550 Warehouse Radio

This radio is terrific in outdoor-only settings. This, because it operates on a VHF, license-free wavelength, and VHF waves perform poorly indoors, but great over open-ground:
Motorola RMM2050 Outdoor Business Radio

Obtaining this license requires some paperwork and is not free. Fortunately, there are several radios that you can purchase that do not require an FCC walkie-talkie license. We have listed the license-free radios on this page so that you can have a choice when you are considering professional radios for your company. If it is important to get up and running very quickly, this might be a more attractive option than having to fill out paperwork and wait for the license to arrive.

Here at Tech Wholesale, we have the best selection of radios with no FCC license required. Two-way radio devices and accessories are our specialty, and we are more than just simply an online shop where you can buy walkie-talkies and radios. We understand the ins and outs of all our products better than our competitors, and we are able to help you with any questions you may have about the FCC two-way radio license and your radio usage.

The FCC regulates the radio frequency spectrum so as to prevent too many people from trying to communicate over an inadequate number of frequencies. The commission requires a FCC license for two-way radios that use certain portions of the radio spectrum, but not every portion of the spectrum is regulated. This is what allows us to offer radios for sale that do not require you to possess an FCC walkie-talkie license.

Among the most popular radios in our shop that do not require an FCC two way radio license are the digital DTR walkie-talkies from Motorola. They use just a single watt of power, yet they have the same range and signal strength as a 4-watt radio. Included with the DTR radios are backlit displays, MIL-STD 810 compliance for resistance to environmental hazards, automatic frequency hopping for added privacy and long battery life. Their DLR digital radios have many of the same advanced features, and are also license-free. Digital radios have the same conveniences as cell phones, such as call forwarding, text messaging and the ability to speak to a single person as well as an entire group.

The Motorola RMM2050 operates on the Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) frequency band, which consists of 5 channels that were previously part of the industrial/business radio service. This frequency band can also be used without an FCC license. Customers find these license-free radio models advantageous because they do not have to make any additional investments to use these radios beyond their purchase cost.

Two-way radio devices such as these save you on federal paperwork, which is part of the burden associated with obtaining and maintaining a license from the FCC. While this might not be a big deal to some companies, there are certain cases where it isn't a matter of cost, but of time. For example, an emergency search and rescue operation might require walkie-talkies for communication, and it's essential that workers get up to speed immediately. If an organization has hired new employees and need to bring them into internal communications right away, this is another situation where radios that do not require paperwork would be an attractive option. It's an important consideration, and the choice you make will depend upon your business and communication requirements.

Read more information about FCC licenses for two-way radios or contact us with any questions or concerns that you have. Remember that we are certified by Motorola for our knowledge about their products, so we can help you with any business radio need, whether you choose a license-free radio or not. Give us a call and we will assist you in finding the most suitable radio for your company or organization.