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Two-way radios for music festivals connect the many moving parts to create a harmonious experience. Discover how improved communications can lead to better organization, more robust security, greater satisfaction of attendees and bigger profits. With music festival two-way radios, you'll have a smooth-running event and your organization will enjoy the sweet sounds of success..

Keep Your Music Event Organized with Music Festival Two-Way Radios
Walkie-talkies for music festivals help keep your entire team well informed and organized. Organizers must be able to communicate instructions to site supervisors, and sound mixers must communicate with onstage technicians. The security team must be able to put out a call for reinforcements if there's a problem. Depending on the location, cell phone coverage may be unreliable. Two-way radios for music festivals are the best solution.

For music festivals, two-way radios must have a strong, reliable signal across a large area, with the ability to penetrate outdoor structures such as stages and tents. Users need to speak privately and securely, and most importantly, they must be able to hear each other in a loud environment with live music.

The Motorola DLR Digital Radio for Music Festivals

The expert staff at Tech Wholesale has chosen the Motorola RDU4100, Motorola DLR digital radios and Motorola DTR digital radios as the best two-way radio for music festivals. The RDU4100 is a powerhouse UHF radio that can stand up to just about anything, while the DLR and DTR radios benefit from advanced digital technology. All are high performance radios that can be effectively used over a wide area under challenging conditions.

The Motorola RDU4100 features a metal die-cast chassis inside rugged polycarbonate, and it meets rigorous military standards to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and high-powered jets of water.

With just 1 watt of power, the Motorola DLR two-way radio has the range and signal strength of a 4-watt radio. Because it's digital, you'll get a strong, clear signal with no static. Its Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology makes communications more reliable and private. Since it has no knobs or moving parts, it's extremely durable. Digital two-way radios do not require an FCC license, so you and your team can get up and running quickly and inexpensively.

The Motorola DTR two-way radios offer the same high performance digital features as the DLR, but with the added convenience of a backlit display.

Digital walkie-talkies for music festivals offer the ability to call a specific group of staff members, everyone on your team or just one individual. The DLR is built to rigorous military specifications, with resistance to vibration, shock, dust and extreme temperatures. It's small, lightweight and compatible with earpiece microphones for clear, private communications in a loud work environment. We recommend the fully compatible Motorola HKLN4477/HKLN4601 discreet earpiece and microphone.

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