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Museum two-way radios will enhance the visitor experience and ensure a smooth-running operation, leading to an all-time high in customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth advertising and return visits. Is it really possible to increase attendance levels by using two-way radios for museums? Absolutely, and here's why.

Two-Way Radios for Museums for a Better Visitor Experience
There are many "moving parts" in a successful museum facility. Groundskeepers keep the property looking neat and attractive on the outside. Front desk attendants collect admission fares and answer questions about the exhibits. Guides (docents) lead tours and answer questions in the various exhibits. There are also security guards, curators, gift shop cashiers, special event coordinators and administrators. If the museum has a restaurant or café, add to that servers, cashiers, busboys and kitchen staff. With walkie-talkies for museum use, all these different departments can be in constant communication with each other. Does a museum guide need to check with the front desk to see how many people have arrived for a tour? Is there a suspicious person milling around a popular exhibit and a security officer wants to call for backup? Does a restaurant supervisor in the café need to inform the hostess that a table has been cleared and is now ready for new customers? All this can be done quietly and discreetly with a two-way radio system.

Museum Walkie-Talkies - Discreet Communication
In a public-facing business like a museum, discreet communication is extremely important. You don't want to disturb visitors from quietly enjoying their artistic viewing experience with internal business. Also, you don't want the public overhearing behind-the-scenes organization and confidential, sensitive information such as security procedures. At Tech Wholesale, we're very aware of the special needs of public businesses when choosing the right two-way radios. This is why we recommend the Motorola CLS1410, DLR1060 and RDU4100. These 3 radios span the range of facility size, team size and organization requirements, and all offer robust, discreet communications.

Best Two-Way Radios for Museums
The Motorola CLS1410 UHF radio is compact, lightweight and easy to use. This makes it an ideal radio for a museum that must regularly get new employees up and running quickly. The radio has a range of up to 15 floors and with 4 channels, 4 different departments can broadcast to others on their team or to the entire museum staff. It's designed to be worn on a belt holster, and a discreet earpiece and microphone or remote speaker microphone is available for hands-free operation. The Motorola DLR1060 is a digital radio, which means you don't need an FCC license to use it. Like the CLS1410, it has 1 watt of power, but digital radios, because of their advanced technology, have the equivalent power and range of a larger UHF unit. They also maintain a strong signal across their entire range of operation, and a digital radio behaves like a cell phone, letting you speak to someone individually in addition to broadcasting to a group. This radio is also compact and lightweight. The Motorola RDU4100 is a powerful two-way radio, designed for larger museum facilities with a larger staff. It has 10 channels and 4 watts of power, reaching up to 30 floors indoors and 350,000 square feet outdoors. It comes with a removable whip antenna which can be substituted for a stubby antenna for indoor use. This is a good radio for museums with indoor and outdoor spaces. It's also extremely durable, built to military specifications for harsh environments.

As an Authorized Motorola Dealer, we provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice as to the best walkie-talkies for museum use.

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