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Suitable for almost any outdoor communication, MURS band walkie-talkies are a cost-effective way to keep people in touch across open spaces. Whether you need radios for business or pleasure, you will enjoy the high quality and ease of operation available with all MURS radios. Moreover, when you purchase these walkie-talkies from TechWholesale, you will benefit from great prices and excellent service.

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Plus, a high-end lithium-ion battery and stand-up charger with every business radio we sell.

We have been helping companies and individuals with their specific radio needs for decades, which means we understand the importance of getting the right two-way radio and walkie-talkie products for specific needs. We are authorized specifically by Motorola to sell their MURS products and other radios because of our knowledge and reputation. Our goal is always to give you just what you need and not what we want you to buy.

MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service, which is a set of open frequencies that do not require an FCC license for their use. Radios and walkie-talkies not on the MURS system cost a bit more over their lifespan because of annual licensing fees, which is why a MURS walkie talkie system is great for those who are looking for communication tools on a budget.

We have found that MURS band walkie talkies are excellent options for smaller companies and for individuals. They are affordable and versatile, giving users in these settings the communication resources they need without having to make a significant financial investment. Since the MURS walkie talkies that you purchase in our shop operate on the VHF frequency, these devices are suitable only for outdoor settings. They are not well suited for indoor use. Indoor needs are better served by UHF walkie talkies and radios. To determine which frequency option is better for your use, simply consult our guide to UHF and VHF radios.

MURS products operate across five common frequencies, so you may get some interference with other firms or individuals that are using a MURS walkie talkie set. You can tune into a different frequency should this happen, but you must be aware that anyone can pick up the frequency of your MURS radios if they want to; thus, they are not good for transmitting confidential information.

In any case, we offer personalized service and are happy to answer your questions. Our associates are well informed about our products and can help you choose the best radio or walkie talkie. Contact us today for all your radio and walkie-talkie needs.

Motorola RDM MURS User Guide

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