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Your business spans multiple buildings, but you can't afford any walls or blockages in communication between the members of your staff. Your salespeople need answers and products from the warehouse. You run a large manufacturing operation and require a blanket of accessible business knowledge, a flow of supplies and close contact between different departments that are part of a whole. Or perhaps you run a university or military base? The need for multi-facility, business wide radio communication spans every industry and endeavor. The solution? Motorola two-way radios for multiple buildings.

Read More Motorola makes a high performance business radio that delivers the signal strength and crystal clear audio that conveys your messages across your enterprise or institution, no matter how many buildings it spans. Motorola's RM series 4-watt radios push your walkie-talkie transmissions up to 350,000 sq. ft and up to 30 floors in a building. Should your buildings have dead spots or your business require extra wide coverage, both the RDU 4100 and RDU 4160d come repeater ready. 10 and 16 channel radios, respectively, the RDU 4100 and RDU 4160d allow you to subdivide your business radio communications amongst different groups oriented to different tasks to cut down on distraction and cross chatter that's not relevant.

User programmable via PC (with Motorola's free for download CPS, customer programming software) and cloning capable (with optional cable, sold separately), Motorola RDX business walkie-talkies are flexible and easy to use. Each works on 89 business exclusive frequencies, comes with 213 interference eliminator codes to protect your privacy and features up to 18.5 of Ultra High Capacity battery life to ensure your employees stay connected across multiple buildings on even when they're working a double!

Naturally, the Motorola RDU 4100 and RDU 4160 are built for a business use beating should the demands of your warehouse, university, military base or manufacturing plant have one or two to dish out. The RDX series walkie-talkies contain a metal die-cast chassis housed in a tough polycarbonate casing. They're built to military specifications 810 c, d, e, f and rated up to IP 54/55. What does that mean? That means they can handle multiple building communications under the toughest conditions of temperature, dust, shock, vibration, moisture, salt and fog -- even water jet pressure!

For more information to make your long range radio selection or help configuring your walkie-talkies for multiple building communication, please just give us a shout via email or phone. We're here to answer your business radio questions!

NOTE: If your facility is larger than the range-size covered by the following radios, you may need to consider adding a repeater to effectively double the range of your handheld two-way radios.

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