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The Motorola HP VHF and UHF Radios have been replaced by the AXU4100 and AXV5100 Models. The HP accessories are still available.

Join 100,000+ businesses that have saved millions of dollars in employee-hours by bringing high performance business radios on board. The Motorola Spirit HP radio (VHF and UHF models) and their AXU4100 and AXV5100 radios have been replaced by newer models, but don't worry! Their latest high-end two-way radios for business, the Motorola RDU4100 and the Motorola RDV5100, take Motorola quality and reliability to the next level for exceptional durability and service. If you already own a Spirit HP UHF or VHF radio, we still carry Motorola HP radio accessories for these models. Read More
If you were interested in the Spirit HP UHF Radio (or the AXU4100), the RDU4100 is all that and more. With 4 watts and 10 channels, this UHF radio can transmit up to 350,000 square feet outdoors and 30 floors indoors. It's built to rigorous military and IP54/55 specifications and can withstand vibration, shock, dust, extreme temperatures and water. There are many other advanced features that make this a powerful, rugged radio for challenging environments. For the Motorola Spirit HP VHF radio (and the AXV5100), we recommend the RDV5100, Motorola's powerhouse 10-channel, 5-watt VHF radio. It has a range of 300,000 square feet outdoors and like the RDU4100, is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. This model can also be used with a base station repeater for even greater operating range.

At Tech Wholesale, we supply Fortune 500 companies, universities, government agencies and military forces with the most innovative, highest quality radio communication equipment available. As an authorized dealer for Motorola and Kenwood, we offer their latest models along with outstanding customer service and expertise. Call our two-way radio experts if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the best business radios to meet the demands of your organization.

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