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Commandeer your company's internal communications with genuine Motorola RM radio accessories for your two-way radio fleet. These Motorola radio accessories are designed to be completely compatible and work at peak performance with all Motorola RM Series radios. Certain accessories, such as the microphone units, will work with other Motorola models such as the CLS and RDX series radios. You'll find several different kinds of combination microphone and speakers, from models that insert into or hook around your ear to a remote speaker microphone that is favored by police, emergency workers and anyone who doesn't like to have something in their ear. Read More
Replacement batteries and multi-unit chargers ensure that your two-way radio fleet is always up and running with no down time. The swivel holster allows for optimal comfort and easy movement through daily operations while being in constant contact with co-workers and managers. Whether you have a construction crew spread out over a large site or restaurant staff preparing food and waiting on tables, these must-have accessories give professionals the greatest flexibility and the clearest communications. You'll also find programming cables and cloning cables to easily program settings into one radio and then transfer those radio settings effortlessly from one unit to another.

Tech Wholesale is your premiere online source for Motorola business radios and accessories. As an authorized partner, we provide top-of-the-line radios and knowledgeable customer support to businesses, universities, government agencies and the military. To ensure that you're getting the right accessories for your two-way radio, see our Motorola Radio Accessories page and select your radio model. There you'll find the correct batteries, microphones, chargers and other equipment for your radio. If you have any questions about these products and their compatibility with your radio, give our communication experts a call.

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