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Motorola RDU2020 Two-way UHF Radio

THE RDU2020 RADIO HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND REPLACED WITH THE MOTOROLA RMM2040. These radios are 100% communication-compatible.

Many business radio customers simply need a device that offers two channels of communication and an excellent range. For these clients, we often recommend the Motorola RDU2020 for its ease of use and its ability to deliver clear UHF communication across a distance of up to 250,000 square feet and up to 20 floors. Moreover, when you order from us here at Tech Wholesale, you can be sure that you are getting the most competitive pricing and best customer service available in the industry.

As a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in finding only the Motorola radios and accessories that are right for them. We have served companies of all shapes and sizes for almost 20 years, and numerous individuals have also come to us when they need to buy walkie-talkies for personal use. Whether you need one radio or a hundred, you will get our most devoted attention and guidance in finding a radio that will meet your requirements at a price you can afford.

Aside from its durable construction, which meets military specifications, the Motorola RDU2020 is an ideal model because its volume is 30 percent louder than previous models. This makes it a superb choice for use in the noisiest environments. Couple that with the standard RIN6351 high-capacity battery and you get a radio that will serve you will for up to 12 hours on one charge. Should you be looking for a radio that stays fully powered longer between charges, you can always choose the RLN 6308 ultra-high-capacity lithium-ion battery that will retain its charge for up to 26 hours.

One of the things that make this radio so versatile is the almost unlimited selection of accessories that you can add to the device. The rapid charger kit is one accessory that many of our customers find most useful, as it allows you to fully recharge the device in as little as two hours. There are many other options for the Motorola RDU2020 as well, and we are eager to tell you more about them and to help you with whatever needs you have. Contact us today for more on these radios and the other products for purchase in our online shop.

If you're looking for a quality two-way business radio that is easy to use and affordable, few products are more appealing than the Motorola RDU2020. With superb functionality and the durability you expect from Motorola products, the RDU 2020 is the product of choice for many professional users. Shop here at, and enjoy our expertise and pricing.

We are a leading dealer of two-way radios and walkie-talkies. As a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer, we have been licensed by Motorola itself to carry the RDU2020 radio. Motorola does not trust just anyone, and we are proud to have this certification because it means that a third-party has recognized our superior customer service. We work with all our customers to help them find just what they need, whether that turns out to be the Motorola RDU 2020 or any other Motorola radio or accessories such as cloning cables to enable you to quickly duplicate radio settings across several devices.

Featuring two watts of power, two channels, and the ability to communicate across the UHF frequency, the RDU2020 radio is an ideal choice for medium to large businesses. The UHF waves penetrate solid objects such as walls and floors quite well, giving you an effective communication range of up to twenty stories and 250,000 square feet. Each radio includes a rechargeable RLN6352 lithium-ion battery that will provide the radio with nearly twelve hours of continuous operation. For greater convenience and a longer operating life, the RLN 6308 ultra high capacity lithium-ion battery upgrade will give you twenty-six hours of use on one charge.

Speaking of batteries and charging your radios, we recommend a multi-charger that can charge up to six units at one time if you have need to keep several radios in operation. A rapid charger kit will recharge your Motorola RDU 2020 battery in two hours or less, making it a great resource when you need to get that radio up and running post haste.

With hands-free voice activation options and other features, the Motorola RDU2020 is indeed an ideal product for many uses. We can help you make the most of it and find other products and accessories to meet your communication needs. Contact us today for a free consultation that will provide you what you actually need and not what someone else thinks is best for your business requirements.

  • UHF band, 2-Watts, 2 Channels, 89 Business exclusive frequencies: 450-470MHz.

  • Conduct your business across 250,000 sq. ft and up to 20 floors*!

  • 122 privacy codes help to provide signal clarity and privacy!

  • Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) with 3 sensitivity levels allows you to talk hands-free, so you can keep busy with the tasks at hand (when used with accessories sold separately).

  • Easily program features to your preference via your PC with Customer Programming Software** (CPS, free for download).

    Add 122 interference eliminator codes (83 digital, 39 analogue) to the 89 business exclusive frequencies that are the domain of the Motorola RDU2020 and you’re sure to get through loud and clear.

    Advances in audio quality for loud environments and rough and tumble durability make the Motorola RDU 2020 two-way radio an excellent choice for the demands of your busy enterprise.

    30% louder than prior models; Motorola adds power to the RDU2020’s speakers by bumping them up to 2000 milli-watts (from 500) ensuring that messages are received on every job site. Long a trusted brand in audio engineering, Motorola worked their magic on the RDU2020’s speakers to reduce magnetic field interference, enhance noise reduction and tweak RF specifications for greater clarity. The difference is clear when you’re in a crowded convention hall, a loud factory environment or busy construction site: you’re getting things done.

    Your walkie-talkie’s not going to break on those jobs either. Motorola wasn’t playin’ around when they put in a durable metal-die cast chassis and encased it in a shock absorbent polycarbonate housing. The RDU2020 is rated IP54/55 and to military specifications 810 C, D, E, F for blowing rain and dust, shock, salt fog, vibration and at temperatures as extreme as -22F and 140F: you’ll give out before your two-way radio does.

    What’s easygoing is the usability. The Tri-color LED user interface shows you exactly what’s happening with your radio at a glance. Cloning settings is a snap – pretty much literally – of an (optional) cloning cable. And programming your RDU2020 is easily DIY using your PC, an (optional) Customer Programming Software cable and the CPS software** available free for download for your Windows machine.

    The CPS software** allows you to access all kinds of business friendly features such as Reverse Burst (eliminates noise), Radio Reporting for management of radio profiles and cloning, PL/DL defeat, Manager Lock, Power Select (in increments of .5-Watts, saves battery) and two Time-out Timers.

    General RDU2020 radio features include: auto-scan, radio mic gain, accessory mic gain, scan and scan list, battery save and low battery indication.

    The Motorola RDU 2020 offers a flexible battery and charger options. The standard issue RLN6352 Lithium Ion battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. If you need longer battery life at a clip, you can upgrade to the RLN 6308 Ultra High Capacity Li-ion battery which holds a charge for up to 26 hours when used with the 2-Watt RDU2020 radio. A drop-in charging tray and wall adapter arrive in the box when you order your RDU2020 2-way radio. However, if you want to charge and clone settings for multiple radios at a time, Techwholesale offers a 6-unit multi-charger at a great price. Bonus bit – your walkie-talkies cease to go walkabout when they’re all stored in one centrally located charger next to the manager’s desk. To ramp up in a hurry, get the 2-hour rapid charger kit for quicker turnaround.

    What comes in the box:

  • One Motorola RDX Series RDU2020 Two-way Radio
  • Standard Lithium Ion Battery (holds a charge for up to 12 hours)
  • Wall Adapter Charger
  • Drop-in Charging Tray
  • Belt Clip
  • User’s Guide
  • RDU 2020 Safety Sheet
  • One Year Warranty

    Scroll to the bottom for images and links to all RDX series compatible accessories!

    Feature Highlights:

  • 3 voice inversion scramble settings to keep communications between intended parties.
  • Radio and accessory mic gain features.
  • 3 audible call alert tones.
  • Battery save conserves power on the job.
  • 2-pin accessory connector with captive cover.
  • Requires an FCC Business License.
  • Compatible with XTN two-way radio frequencies and privacy codes and XTN accessories.

    Who should use the RDU2020 2-way Radio? Anyone, but certainly businesses in need of a high performance, heavy duty walkie-talkie.

    Vet Clinics: Animals can be a handful especially when they're sick, scared or both. Reception can radio to the kennels when they're ready to go in or out. Doctors can call techs when they need another pair of hands. Communication from the front to the back of a vet practice is a huge time and energy saver for all involved. The RDU2020 offers a simple, solid solution to handling animals in a well-controlled environment.

    Grocery Stores: Customers aren’t patient when they’re waiting in line for a price check; neither are the folks behind them who don’t care about the price of tea in Chicago. Perishable items will just go ahead and … perish, while they’re waiting for managers to mobilize a team to unload the truck. The right two-way radio can fix all that.

    Conventions: From Klingons to Cardiologists, a quick response to attendee issues means the convention comes back again next year. Make sure everything runs smoothly at your next convention using a Motorola RDU2020 handheld radio. (Sorry, we don’t carry Star Trek communicators).

    Retailers: When the price is right all around the store, and products are flying off the shelves, or no one’s sure what the price is or if you’ll match Acme’s online price, let your 2-way radio do the walkin’.

    Restaurants: Yelp, Chowhound, Urbanspoon, Zagats! Forget Big Brother -- the whole world’s watching. Make sure your diners get a table and get their food quick and to their liking, so your restaurant gets a 4 star review. Motorola can help.

    Medical Offices: Bouncing from billing to the back office to the waiting room back and forth all day long is going to land your staff at the shrink due to stress. Save steps, time and nerves with walkie-talkie communication. Light and easy to use, the RDU2020 is just what the doctor should order.

    *Coverage will vary based on terrain, conditions and the radio model used. ** CPS is available as free download. Windows(r) XP, Windows 2000 compatible, separate USB cable required.
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